The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


October 19

  • Karen Mundy Robison to Jill E. Kennel, 1107 Woodleigh Court, $256,000.
  • Jonathan W. Keller and Kristin L. Keller to Katlyn Shelton, 1113 Patrick Henry Place, $186,000.
  • Nan Turner to Ada Esmeralda Mendez, 1308 Old Windmill Circle, $180,000.
  • Maria E. Moore to Antonio D. Flowe and Rachel E. Flowe, 580 3rd Street, $225,000.

October 20

  • Floros Downtown LLC to Floros Properties LLC, 91 South Main Street, $ 375,000.
  • Gilbert H. Davis II and Felicia Jenkins to Jonathan William Keller and Kristin Leigh Keller, 1911 Rhianon Lane, $ 405,000.

October 22

  • Kristi L. Lewis to Ryan Piplico, 2160 Whispering Springs Road, $ 308,700.
  • Nathan W. Gray and Donna L. Gray to Ruixiang Wu, Xiaorong Zhen and Yanyi Wu- Cheng, 1053 John Paul Jones Lane, $219,000.


October 16

  • Melinda L. Souder to Brent B. Burkholder and Monica R. Burkholder, lot 1 of final plat of Valley Overlook Subdivision section 1 Ashby District, $200,000.
  • William Antony Gilkerson and Stephanie H. Gilkerson to Misty M. Miller, 227 North Sunset Drive Plains District, $215,600.
  • Donald J. Ford and Frances G. Ford to Jordan M. Rhodes and Jenna F. Rhodes, 1050 Kiln Dive Central District, $ 407,000.
  • Melissa L. Kisamore to Jay D. Martin and Jolie L. Lewis, 2942 Hopkins Drive Stonewall District, $240,000.
  • Barbara E. Carson-Campbell to Stephen Michael Pollard Jr., 8762 Frog Hollow Road Linville District, $ 307,000.
  • NVR Inc. to Judith Ellen Neumann and Robert William Neumann, lot 8B section two of South Peak, $237,090.

October 19

  • Alisa D. Cook to Gary G. Kimmel and Jean E. Kimmel, 111 Elgin Court Central District, $ 475,000.
  • Simensen Construction Inc. to Alisa Dawn Cook, 310 Beauford Road Central District, $ 535,000.
  • Martha E. McCoy to Lydia Jean Smith, 2210 Kerns Road Ashby District, $214,900.
  • La Isla Properties LLC to Ridgeley Group 2 LLC, 33.34 acres located on west side or Va. 42 two miles northeast of Edom Linville District, $ 346,736.

October 20

  • Marc S. Dodson and Jennifer L. Dodson to Michelle L. Moran, Lot No. 111 Shady Cree Subdivision Stonewall District, $238,500.
  • Tamara D. Seal to Christopher Drew Riley and Maria Ellen Moore, 3010 Lakewood Drive Ashby District, $ 384,900.
  • Pleasant Run LC to Krishna Prasad Adhikari and Sunita Akhikari, lot No. 72 and 73 of The Springs at Osceola Section III Ashby District, $190,000.
  • Park Places LLC to Ashli Noel Long and Nathaniel Colten Siever, lot No. 6 and No. 7 of the C. D. Lantz Subdivision Plains District, $204,000.
  • J. Mark Frederick Jr. and Emma L. Frederick to Samuel M. Petersheim and Marta J. Frederick Petersheim, 6004 Williamsburg Road Linville District, $225,000.
  • Julie Bubb Dove to Michael S. Campbell, 98 Dogwood Avenue Stonewall District, $185,000.
  • KW & DR Properties LLC to Sol Baltazar Monroy and Silveria Baltazar, 305 9th Street Stonewall District, $235,000.

October 21

  • NVR Inc to Melinda McFall Berkshire, lot 8A section 2 of South Peak, $266,475.
  • Sue M. Gray to Tina F. Biddle, 200 Tara Dawn Circle Plains District, $174,000.
  • Nelson D. Minnick to Sue M. Gray, 13323 Timber Way Plains District, $175,000.

October 22

  • Josephine H. Collins to Keith W. Mongold and Lisa C. Mongold, 5481 Rawley Pike Central District, $ 325,000.
  • Roy E. Sanderson and Debra A. Sanderson to Ashton Knighton and Jonathan Massey, 321 Tanager Lane Stonewall District, $260,000.
  • Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Kevin M. Zirk and Brooke H. Zirk, 5329 Brocks Gap Road Plains District, $186,900.
  • George J. Rohrer and Karen S. Church to Andrew C. Smith and Christine L. Smith, two parcels on northeastern side of High Street Ashby District, $208,000.
  • Karen Rebecca Mills to Randall Larson Belknap and Amy Elizabeth Belknap, 106 East College Street Ashby District, $ 325,000.
  • Emerson Family Properties LLC to Harlan T. Honeycutt and Heather R. Honeycutt, 8519 Indian Trail Road Linville District, $165,000.
  • Jay Kacho and Caroljean Kacho to Craig Stuart Snodgrass and Kathy Ann Snodgrass, 220 Inglewood Court Stonewall District, $ 333,000.
  • Elvert E. Black and Lois Black to Christopher B. Knight and Aimme M. Knight, 3625 Cricket Lane Ashby District, $ 360,400.
  • James David Sota to Jay W. Kacho and Caroljean M. Kacho, 4269 Wiltshire Street Linville District, $ 367,000.

October 23

  • Bobbie Jean Jinkins to Dawn M. Breeden, 11758 Wampler Road Plains District, $189,000.
  • Debra Ann Riddle to Nathan Knight and Pamela Knight, 4081 Park Way Stonewall District, $185,000.
  • Joshua M. Humphries to Marvin Edward, 583 Spring Oaks Drive Central District, $260,000.
  • Nelson Mark Marriner and Pamela Diane Dove to Jacob A. Castellano, 4130 Rawley Pike Central District, $170,000.
  • E & A Land LLC to Quarles Petroleum Inc., 1.671 acres on Mt. Hermon Road Stonewall District, $ 450,000.
  • Brandon L. Biddle and Tina F. Biddle to Blanca Guzman Lopez and Jose Manuel Hurtado Romero, 3036 Eversole Road Central District, $195,000.
  • Andrew Christian Slonaker to Lea Bogle Hirtz, 1480 Miller Spring Court Central District, $219,500.
  • Kristy L. Norton to Ralph J. Waterman and Ellen R. Waterman, 261 MacAllister Way Central District, $ 310,000.
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