The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


Nov.  16

  • Eagle Point LP to Sreit Chestnut Ridge II LLC, Parcel IBB Plat of Consolidation and Resubdivisionof Parcels IA, 1 Band IC Madison Ridge L. P, $ 5,100,480.
  • Madison Ridge LP to Sreit Chestnut Ridge I LLC, north of Chestnut Ridge Drive, $10,519,740.
  • John W. Flora to G. P. Investments LLC, 821 Oakland Street, $265,000.
  • Michael Wimer, Terisa Brainard, Eugene W. Pence, Debra M. Layman, John D. Pence Jr., Brandie L. Johnson, Jeremy J. Painter, Stacey J. Painter, Jason William Foley, Marshall Allan Foley and Brandie L. Johnson to Erika F. Hernandez Guevara and Heriberto Diaz Macias, 1135 Rockingham Drive, $220,000.
  • John M. Serrell to Laurie Anne Serrell, lot 30 block D of Fairway Hills Subdivision Section III, $400,000.

Nov. 17

  • John W. Garber Sr., Michael L. Layman and Gregory W. Geistert to Mynor O. Hernandez Zacarias and Yolanda Cruz, 1333 Bradley Drive, $150,000.

Nov. 18

  • Ana G. Tinoco Centeno and Brayan J. Hernandez Navarro to Mark P. Skryagin and Yelena O. Skryagin, 904 Camelot Lane, $219,000.
  • Anna H. Steele to Bonnie S. Bergey, lot 22 block M of Emerald Drive Estates V, $232,000.
  • John Thomas Russell to Ruth S. Chilton, 2270 Lake Terrace Dr., $278,000.


Nov. 16

  • Keith W. Mongold and Lisa C. Mongold to Devin S. Coulter and Caroline L. Coulter, 2940 Fancy Hill Court Central District, $ 479,900.
  • Terri Lynn Drugmand to Safaa M. Al Badry, 176 McCallister Way Central District, $ 325,000.
  • Michael R. Stockwell and Stephanie B. Stockwell to Triple Threat Rentals LLC, 133 Greenwood Court Stonewall District, $ 378,900.
  • Erika M. Collazo Vargas to Lisa A. Bange and Steven P. Bange, 153 East C Street Plains District, $278,000.
  • Danita R. Adamson to George L. Lussier, 235 Sunset Drive Ashby District, $242,000.

Nov. 17

  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Sameed Akhtar Siddiqui, 3361 Battery Park Place, $283,195.
  • Curtis A. Via and Pamela K. Via to J. R. Cochran and Elizabeth M. Cochran, 250 Eisenhower Drive Plains District, $ 310,000.
  • M. Steven Weaver and Elsie P. Weaver to Daniel T. Fisher and Melissa L. Fisher, 8.258 acres east of Field Crest Lane and Switchboard Road Central District, $ 670,000.
  • SVTB Crossroads LLC to Terri Lynn Drugmand, 135 Brompton Court Central District, $ 468,000.
  • Denise L. Altherr to Matthew Anderson and Maggie Anderson, 2978 Blose Road Stonewall District, $203,000.
  • Rodney C. Garber to Kenneth C. Thrasher and Sherry B. Thrasher, 1.898 acres on Peter Paul Lane Ashby District, $ 479,500.
  • Nannette P. Smith to Ryan Vigar and Heather Vigar, 4.96 acres located on north side of Koontz Corner Road Plains District, $249,000.

Nov. 18

  • Timothy D. Okonski to Christopher E. Honneffer, 3.741 acres on Port Trace Court Stonewall District, $ 385,000.
  • Michael L. Gregeris to Curtis A. Via and Pamela K. Via, 2889 Taylor Spring Lane Central District, $220,000.
  • Stephen D. Koehn to K& R Farms Belted Galloways LLC, 40.686 acres Stonewall District, $1,625,000.
  • SKAC LLC to Brayan Jermain Hernandez Navarro and Ana Graciela Tinoco Centeno, 818 Coltsfoot Lane Stonewall District, $278,000.
  • David Milstead to William Anthony Gilkerson and Stephanie Herndon Gilkerson, 2376 Martz Road Linville District, $259,900.
  • NVR Inc. to Meghan Nicholson, lot 10A section 2 of South Peak, $286,480.
  • Kenneth E. Gonyer and Karen S. Gonyer to Ruth Ann Dean and Peter M. Wallbrunn, 451 Coyote Run Plains District, $264,900.
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