The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


November 2

  • Gabriel P. Dodd and Pamela R. Dodd to Drake Peterson and Peyton Peterson, 1720 Park Lawn Drive, $285,000.
  • Minu A. Beijan to Patrick Haggerty, lot 36 of Hunters Ridge Townhouses section 2, $156,000.
  • Wiliam J. Wyatt Jr. and Carey L. Wyatt to Isaac S. Bryan and Emily M. Bryan, 80 Maplehurst Avenue, $ 319,000.

November 4

  • Pha Sombunwanna to Mudher R. Almousa, 860 Blue Ridge Dr., $284,900.
  • Antonio Torres Orozco & Maria Cruz Torres to Getnet Z. Mekonnen, 1224 Commercial Ct, $150,000.
  • Thomas Edward Noser Jr. to Kimberly S. Kelstone and Aaron Weir Kelstone, 1465 Shenstone Drive, $170,000.

November 5

  • Chaudhary M. Ali to Chan Hee Choi and Yujeong Jang, 321 Emerson Lane, $175,000.
  • Paul C. Riner and Laura M. Riner to Bisapaca LLC, 1301 Devon Lane and lot 6 section 1 of Devonshire Village Subdivision section 1, $260,000.
  • Jamie H. Weist and Michelle Lee Weist to Trystyn L. Cousin and Abbey K. Weist, 2332 Wishing Well Court, $160,000.
  • Sierra Valley Resources LLC to Angel R. Quinones, lot 4 block 25 of Harrisonburg Land and Improvement Company Addition on western side of Virginia Avenue, $164,900.


November 2

  • Joseph P. Hurtubise to Hayder Z. Shahadha, 84 Bear Crossing Road Central District, $ 660,000.
  • Dwayne C. Wolters and Lisa M. Wolters to Allan L. Leighty and Kristina G. Leighty, two parcels north of Melrose Road Linville District, $1,113,750.
  • Marianne H. Da Rosa to Timothy W. Mitchell and Sandra L. Balas, 3149 Shen Lake Drive Ashby District, $ 405,000.
  • Christopher A. Castor to Ralph Alesio Jr. and Nicole M. Levesque, 285 Magnolia Court Stonewall District, $ 359,900.
  • Garner H. Downey to Thomas P. Keegan and Elaine M. Keegan, lots 7 and 8 block 39 section 3 or Elkton Improvement Company plat Stonewall District, $176,000.
  • Marcia P. Hildebrand to Andrew Grant Elmore and Emily Ann Simmons, 1445 Mandolin Avenue Stonewall District, $215,000.
  • Mill Race LC to Beam Family LLC, 1022 Duck Run Road Ashby District, $ 351,000.
  • Crowe Farm LLC to Kathy A. Koch, 40.997 acres on west side of Va. 620 Central District, $ 425,000.
  • Chancellor J. Miller & Kelsea E. Riffe to Ashley E. Kale, 6609 South Eastside Highway Stonewall District, $169,000.
  • Builders Mark Property Improvement LLC to Beatriz Morales Negron and Jonathan A. Chamorro Sepulveda, 5336 Harpine Highway Linville District, $229,000.
  • Esther M. Shank to Erasmo Ledezma Garcia & Lorena Ledezma, 2412 Cooks Creek Road Central District, $249,900.
  • NVR Inc. to Kristie McDonald Grant, lot 11A section 2 of South Peak, $254,080.
  • Travis S. Wenger and Janet A. Wenger to Maynard R. Good, 4357 Martin Miller Road Ashby District, $222,900.

November 4

  • Karen J. Groves and J. Morgan Yoder to Benjamin D. Powell and Lauren M. Powell, 203 East Bank Street Ashby District, $220,000.
  • Roy A. Rector and Doriann M. Rector to David G. Costenbader, 165 Rainier Road Stonewall District, $ 382,102
  • Amber N. Kesner to Antonio Torres and Maria Cruz Torres, 1438 Mandolin Avenue Stonewall District, $260,000.
  • Todd S. Pedeville and Barbara A. Pedeville to Robert P. Borgie and Tammy P. Borgie, lot 9D of Preston Lake Section 1 Central District, $ 399,000.
  • Robert L. Teague Jr. and Courtney L. Teague to Herman J. Hutchinson Jr. and Amanda L. Litchford, 759 Pineville Road Stonewall District, $188,750.
  • Dotson Development LLC to GRM LLC, 403 Augusta Avenue Stonewall District, $226,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to BNP Properties LLC, 2798, 2754 and 2760 Rowe Street Central District, $ 539,900.
  • Glen W. Turner and Sandra L. Turner to AFG Holdings LLC, 30 acres west of Tenth Legion Plains District, $171,367.50.

November 5

  • K ‘ N K Inc. to Maribel Santibanez Saucedo, 7472 Rocky Lane Linville District, $155,000.
  • Elaine Sue Martin to Elizabeth Sanchez, 5215 Clearwater Drive Plains District, $212,900.
  • Michelle Hood Law, Christopher Bowman Hood and Alicia Dee Lellock to Edward L. Drummond Jr. and Angela Dawn Drummond, 1.62 acres located northwest of Va. 874 Plains District, $185,000.
  • Patterson Inc. to Donn Grant, 805 6th Street Stonewall District, $269,000.
  • Keith J. Knupp to Charlie J. Knupp Owen and Kristin J. Knupp Owen, 6081 Dotts Lane Central District, $210,000.
  • Beatrice Elizabeth Horst to Anita L. Wyatt, lot 1 of Manorwood Estates phase 1 Stonewall District, $ 327,000.
  • Laura G. Hottinger to Katie Foltz, 495 Three Leagues Road Stonewall District, $279,000.

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