The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


November 23

  • Larry L. Emswiler and Roxanne S. Emswiler to Chi Sung Song and Shi Ji Kang, 1012 Summit Avenue, $ 423,500.

November 24

  • Abram J. Shearer to Tasha Cogan Nguyen and Hoa Van Nguyen, 802 Oak Hill Drive, $ 370,000.
  • Silda-Lay Natal to Bahhadin A. Abdullah and Hemen Faraj, 2242 Lapis Lane, $277,000.
  • Aaron T. Ludholtz to Shenandoah Estates LLC, lot 13C of Beacon Hill Subdivision section 5, $178,000.

November 25

  • John W. Garber Sr., Michael L. Layman and Gregory W. Geisert to Romel Voellm and Nancy Amaya-Voellm, 1420 Bradley Drive, $154,900.
  • Matthew S. Landis to Hector Andres Carcamo and Walter A. Polio Castro, 1075 Virginia Avenue, $232,000.
  • Evelyn P. Tutwiler to 4G Properties LLC, 10,200 square feet on west side of South High Street, $257,000.


November 23

  • Andrew D. Dixon and Lori J. Dixon to Jackson Andrew Dixon and Nicole Faut, 4300 Captain Yancey Road Stonewall District, $ 300,000.
  • Dorothy J. Dove to Faez Basa, lot 9B of Southside Heights Section 2 Ashby District, $220,500.
  • Tyler C. Showalter to Pichit Sombunwanna and Pha Sombunwanna, 7332 Rocky Lane Linville District, $197,000.
  • Kerry E. Wisman to Juan D. Rodriguez and Maria E. Mota-Ferreira, 202 Tara Dawn Circle Plains District, $166,000.
  • Bruce L. Hollingshead and Elizabeth A. Hollingshead to Floyd W. Morris Jr. and Brenda J. Morris, 21,740 square feet on west side of Old Bridgewater Road Ashby District, $198,000.
  • June L. Craun, Reda Losh Eye and Carolyn Losh St. Clair to Lloyd Jeffrey Newman, Carla A. Newman and Shirley S. Newman, 5.562 acres Ashby District, $270,000.
  • Terche Investments LLC to Paul Brannon and Lucy Brannon, 230 Harding Drive Plains District, $299,000.
  • Melodie M. Maher to Cary R. Stephan, 440 Flower Drive Stonewall District, $ 375,000.
  • Dalton S. Wood and Amanda N. McAvoy to Roy D. Barnhart, 3432 Lawyer Road Stonewall District, $225,000.
  • Courtney Wilson and Kelcey Wilson to Alvaro Nava Luna and Maria Sanchez, 1.865 acres on southwestern side of Va. 850 Plains District, $265,000.
  • Ralph Eugene Botkin and Donna Kay Botkin to Charles A. Hagan and Sarah Nichole Hagan, 108 Millview Drive Ashby District, $ 378,000.
  • Daniel Robert Drake and Mary Lou Drake to Bryant P. Richardson and April R. Richardson, 338 Wilson Way Stonewall District, $ 536,500.
  • Caleb L. Coblentz and Sandra B. Coblentz to Charles R. Williams Jr. and Linda Jean Williams, 4210 Bloomer Springs Road Stonewall District, $165,000.
  • Allen S. George to Dennis W. Demille and Lori Ann Demille, 2861 Mauzy Athlone Road Plains District, $ 345,000.

November 24

  • Hunter R. Brown and Rochele D. Brown to Neil Derrick Cash, 270 North Sunset Drive Plains District, $165,600.
  • Greenport Group LLC to Julia McLaverty, 2650 Greenport Drive Central District, $254,900.
  • Paul J. Frye and Lori P. Frye to Gary L. Helmick and Debra A. Helmick, 283 Rustic Avenue Plains District, $ 340,000.
  • Joseph Tanner Croy and Tess Alexander Croy to L& T Rentals LLC, 303 North West View Street Ashby District, $247,000.
  • Nareeman Ahmed Mir to Mohammed H. Aziz, 3211 Joppa Court Ashby District, $160,000.

November 25

  • Lester B. Frank Jr. and Linda V. Frank to Thomas F. Young and Donna J. Young, 745 Coltsfoot Lane Stonewall District, $292,000.
  • Jennifer M. Davis to Dustin Lee Lucas and Lacey Nicole Lucas, 512 Wirt Avenue Stonewall District, $174,900.
  • Kenneth E. Payne to Kenneth A. Martin and Arleta F. Martin, 471 Diana Court Ashby District, $228,500.
  • Kyle R. Fisher & Emily K. Fisher to Keith J. VanBenschoten, 4590 Magnolia Ridge Drive Central District, $ 501,000.
  • Linda H. Hanger to Lisa Hanger and Kevin E. Miller, 252 Walnut Drive Plains District, $166,000.
  • Robert H. Dodd Jr. to Christopher Alan Eby and Emily Elizabeth Eby, 202 Northview Drive Ashby District, $289,900.
  • Barbara S. Hensley and Marshall Forrest Shifflett to Bryan S. Mackey and Heather M. Mackey, 18312 Spotswood Trail Stonewall District, $242,000.
  • Philip H. Myers to Jacob T. Hahn-Fulk, Timothy B. Fulk & Irene J. Fulk, 15,384 square feet on Palmer Road Stonewall District, $ 466,500.
  • Jeremy A. McDaniel and Brandi L. McDaniel to Elizabeth Proffitt, 1.975 acres on western side of Va. 624 Stonewall District, $206,200.

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