The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


December 14

  • Gordon W. Miller and Gail B. Miler to Edwin M. Vaquez Zelaya, 1027 Rockingham Drive, $233,000. 
  • Kearrle M. Vandevander and Erma S. Vandevander to Elia Gallardo Cortes, 924 Greendale Road, $190,000. 
  • Patricia A. Garnder to Matthew S. Hinkle and Susan A. Hinkle, 145 Fairway Drive, $ 530,000.
  • Kevel Properties LLC to Crystal D. Huynh and Truon Duy N. Huynh, 486 Pheasant Run Circle, $160,000. 
  • John Sallah and Scott Sallah to Richard D. Foust Jr. and Glenda S. Foust, 349 South Willow Street, $259,000.

December 15

  • Alicia N. Proctor to Joseph M. Fowler, 116 Sharon Street, $ 335,000.
  • Carolyn Tysinger Landis to William Scott Simmons, 370 Hartman Drive, $165,150.

December 17

  • Gerald R. Knicely to Meagan N. Roberts, 2318 and 2320 Kendall Lane, $200,000. 
  • Vadim V. Yavny and Yelena M. Yavny to David V. Yavny, 2130 Ramblewood Road, $220,000.
  • P h i l l i p – J o n Quagliariello and Cara L. Shrum to Steven J. Crissman and Katelynn L. Crissman, 1040 South Dogwood Drive, $ 330,000.
  • Josiah Groff and Cassandra Groff to WGG LLC, 150 Crescent Drive, $210,000. 
  • Eric A. Payne and Carolyn J. Payne to Joy Ellen Clayton and Jason David Clayton, 1406 Old Windmill Circle, $188,500.


December 14

  • John T. Newkirk to Robert William Carroll, 162 Hartman Court Stonewall District, $ 354,000. 
  • Ann Johnson to Christopher Mooney and Beatriz A. Vianna, 2970 Massanutten Drive Stonewall District, $150,000.
  • Precision Concrete Builders Inc. to Linda W. Ritchie, 5117 Orchard Drive Plains District, $ 309,000. 
  • Andriy Mitityuk and Alla P. Mitityuk to Yaritza Perez Gonzalez and Regla Nirma Gonzalez Velazco, .86 acres on northwest side of Windy Heights Lane Linville District, $280,000. 
  • Hope Community Builders to Margarita Bravo, 3196 Hebron Court Ashby District, $210,000.
  • Roger L. Pettit and Joshua L. Pettit to Wesley E. Combs and Gayle Y. Combs, 12.965 acres on Rumsey Lane Ashby District, $ 325,000. 
  • Larry G. Straley Jr. and Sarah G. Straley to Franklin A. Tineo and Eneliza Rodriguez Alvino, 2051 Rosedale Court Central District, $235,000.

December 15

  • Timberville Builders LLC to Stephanie P. Kurti, 130 Markham Place Central District, $ 655,000. 
  • McDaniel Brothers LC to Superior Siding & Home Improvements Inc., lots 5A 5B 6A 6B 7A 7B of Subdivision Plat Willow Oaks Stonewall District, $210,000. 
  • LSC Communications MM LLC and LSCO Communications Book LLC, four pacels located on Pleasant Valley Road Ashby District, $19,595,000. 
  • The Loading Dock Inc. to Cordel Enterprises LLC, lots 18 19 in block 22 section 1 of Elkton Improvement Company Stonewall District, $ 400,000. 
  • Yakov Lisichick and Natalya Lisichik to Vadim Lisichick and Alena Lisichick, 3961 Traveler Road Ashby District, $ 400,000. 
  • Lowell A. Turner and Sandra C. Turner to Gary Custer, 52.283 acres on northern side of Brocks Gap Road Plains District, $ 350,000. 
  • Alvin L. Schneider and Elizabeth B. Schneider to Steven P. Halteman and Sara M. Halteman, 320 Broadmoor Lane Plains District, $ 307,000.
  • Lynn R. Roth and Kathleen B. Roth to David T. Roth Sawatzky and Rachel B. Roth Sawatzky, 1160 Lincolnshire Drive Central District, $ 342,000.

December 17

  • Crescent Ridge LLC to Go Gable Enterprises LLC, 3512 Earthshine Way Central District, $244,900. 
  • Morning Sun Holdings LLC to Aaron P. Witmer, 3.423 acres one mile south of Hinton off Cockley Town Road Ashby District, $ 600,000.
  • Pleasant Run LC to ValleyPublic LLC, 1.266 acres and 1.222 acres of The Springs at Osceola Section III Ashby District, $170,000.

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