The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


January 11

  • Colton M. Hepner and Megan C. Hepner to Jonathan W. Good and Karen K. Good, 1267 Settlers Lane, $190,000.
  • Constance C. Dorsey to Kirmanj Ibrahim, 1212 Windsor Road, $274,900.

January 12

  • Montvalle LLC to Osman A. Ahmed, two parcens located on eastern side of South Main Street, $975,000. 
  • Erin E. Hurst and Christopher Wenger to Brandon Darby Tyler Kelley and Becca Rose Kelley, 656 East Wolfe Street, $160,000. 
  • Phillip B Patterson and Meghan A.C. Patterson to Jacobo Sanchez-Espino and Maricia Lanza Herrera, Park Lawn subdivision lot 40 block E, $274,000.

January 14

  • Rehan Mairajuddin and Roosha Z. Nawaz to Lawrence Nathaniel Redmond and Vanessa Gayle Redmond, lot 8 block H of King’s Crossing, $359,400.


January 11

  • D. Aaron Griffith and Jodi E. Griffith to Todd Lee Griffith and Mindi Sue Griffith, 1893 Layman Trestle Road Central District, $342,600. 
  • Tricia A. Martin to Jerry Wayne Likes, Debra Banner Likes and Jack Joseph Cappon, 3302 Lanier Lane Stonewall District, $245,000. 
  • Mark K. Lauro and Kayla M. Lauro to Ian Robertson and Roxanne Sayre, 11398 Daphna Road Plains District, $490,000. 
  • Leon W. Brubaker and Kimberly D. Brubaker to Jaylon P. Litwiller and Marissa J. Litwiller, 2212 Blue Berry Drive Stonewall District, $310,000.
  • Wendy E. Osinkosky and Muhammad Nadeem to Brian P. Nicholas and Sarah L. Nicholas, plot located on northeastern side of Cory Lane Linville District, $440,000.

January 12

  • Marta C. Wilson to Roger A. Quick and Linda L. Quick, 1590 Cumberland Drive Ashby District, $560,000.
  • Dain T. Hammond to Nut Tree Knoll LLC, 7828 Simmers Valley Road Linville District, $775,000. 
  • Central Valley Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Miranda Nicole Pennington, 6,116 square feet on south side of East Lee Street Plains district, $162,000. 
  • Barbara K. Lott and George T. Lott to Jacqueline F. Laliker and Melanie K. Laliker, 300A West Bank Street Ashby District, $269,900. 
  • Mary T. Weber to Faron Castellano, 345 Mill Street Ashby District, $179,000.

January 13

  • Travis S. Knicley to Charles D. Fulk, 6130 Koiner Ford Road Ashby District, $181,000. 
  • Shawn M. Acker and Kristin L. Acker to Donald S. Kettelkamp and Danielle M. Kettelkamp, 1705 Cobblestone Drive Ashby District, $203,500.

January 14

  • Tanya B. Price to JD Land Company LC, .42 acres on west side of Jesse Bennett Way Linville District, $150,000. 
  • Paula Long Thompson to Kathy H. Coceano, 5759 Koiner Ford Road Ashby District, $265,000.
  • Larry W. Showalter to Frank D. Sabbatini and Amber D. Sabbatini, 1 acre on north side of Mountain Grove Road, $242,000. 
  • Donald G. Wilkins and Julie L. Wilkins to Kristina Keck, 10,199 square feet on South Main Street Plains District, $175,000. 
  • Charles R. Joseph Sr. to Joshua L. Pettit and Janae Pettit, 25,548 square feet located on Oxford Lane Plains Disrict, $305,500. 
  • John E. Rion Jr. to Richard Earl Allen, lot 5A section 1 of Misty Meadows subdivision Central District, $170,000. 
  • Kyle Knuff and Rachel Carter Knupp to Tyler G. Orebaugh and Linsday B. Orebaugh, 323 Park Avenue Plains District, $220,000. 
  • Kim E. Halterman to Edward E. Kean and Angela M. Kean, 6769 Brocks Gap Road Plains District, $249,900. 
  • Diane B. Ahuna to Meriel D. Steines, 2635 Greenport Drive Central District, $285,000. 
  • Edward J. Brantmeier and Noorjehan K. Brantmeier to Joshua O. Morris and Lisa R. Morris, 180 David Circle Central District, $380,000.
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