The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


February 16

  • Carrie M. Gray and Gary J. Gray Jr. to Frank Wade, lot numbers 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 and 57 in block of Sunset Heights addition, $250,000. 
  • Dale R. Armentrout to David C. Heatwole, lot 2 of The Gables, $206,000.

February 17

  • John W. Flora to Adaugeo Development LLC, 1746 East Market Street, $ 950,000.

February 19

  • Joanna Turbeville, Madison C. Turbeville and Charles T. Turbeville to Jeremy Pettit, 510 Davis Mills Circle Unit 303, $194,000.


February 16

  • Cosner Construction LLC to Belinda G. Mortensen and Belinda Grace Mortensen, 371 Sunset Springs Court Plains District, $222,400. 
  • Donald B. Myers and Lisa M. Good to Rachel R. Kalman and Michael C. Kalman, 3466 Retreat Lane Ashby District, $ 459,900. 
  • David C. Heatwole to Nicholas Einstein and Abigail Einstein, 1.357 acres on northwestern side of Oak Ridge Road Ashby District, $ 385,000.
  • Cecil Charles Liskey Jr. to Jose O. Reyes, 112 Brunk Lane Ashby District, $235,000. 
  • Carr Masonry And Construction LLC to Elizabeth Claiborne Morris and Daniel Jordan Bowman, 110 Millstone Street Ashby District, $293,000. 
  • Andrew Ansoorian & Dawn Long to Georgia D. McCarthy, 3369 Preston Shore Drive Central District, $ 385,000.

February 17

  • Lam’s Real Estate Investments LLC to SAFA1 LLC, 1.257 acres on west side of U. S. 340 Stonewall District, $ 600,000. 
  • Kathy L. Hilbert, John Steven Hilbert and Sherrine F. Bodkins to John R. Humes and Jennifer W. Humes, 7892 Nazarene Church Road Ashby District, $ 410,000.
  • Charles E. Whetzel II and Erin H. Whetzel to Trevor R. Morgan, 3335 Teak Circle Central District, $ 330,000. 
  • Roger W. High and Joanne A High to Charles E. Whetzel II and Erin H. Whetzel, 3970 Traveler Road Ashby District, $ 608,000. 
  • Perfectly Build LLC to Katelynn B. Hottinger, 391 Sunset Springs Court Plains District, $199,000.
  • KW & DR Properties LLC to Julie Elizabeth Lawhorne and Charles Lee Groah Jr., 300 8th Street Stonewall District, $225,000. 
  • Jeremy L. Cline and Samantha L. Cline to Jamie Teresa Gonzalez Rice, 3450 Legion Way Plains District, $250,000.
  • SVTB Crossroads LLC to Robert A. Kuhn and Pamela B. Kuhn, final plat of Crossroads Farm Estate Central District, $ 300,000. 
  • Chad J. Muxlow and Rachel E. Muxlow to Tom Stenson and Janine T. Stenson, 1614 Three Springs Road Stonewall District, $2,150,000.

February 19

  • Kenneth E. Monger and June S. Monger to Daniel R. Seal and Rachel R. Seal, 1692 River Road Stonewall District, $ 340,000. 
  • Kenneth W. Bolin and Cynthia A. Bolin to Kendall Tyler Bolin and Brooke Adrianna Bolin, 413 Barbee Street Ashby District, $220,000. 
  • Bir Bdr Karki and Dem Kumari Karki to Alexiz M. Edwards and Cole C. Weaver, 3176 Marion Circle Central District, $ 306,500. 
  • Denise M. Hines to Paul Peachey and Geneva Grace Peachey, 2905 Honey Run Road Ashby District, $215,000. 
  • Carl D. Berkey and Rose M. Berkey to Stephen C. Scardigno and Laraine C. Scardigno, 2.559 acres located on Birds Nest Road near Hinton Central District, $ 402,000.

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