The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


March 16

  • Ingrid Elliott to Alexander Nicholas Ivanitsky Deborah Jean Hopkins, intersection of Stuart Street and Fourth Street, $185,250. 
  • Vasily A. Mulyar to Lula Mae Jones, Keana Squirewell and Anthony L. Jones, 1421 Stonechris Drive, $ 309,000.

March 18

  • Karen A. Trobaugh and Kevin L. O’Connor to Carole Hetzer Barber, 491 Hickory Grove Circle, $290,000. 
  • Lucas Aaron Duvall and Holly Ann Yanacek to Phillip Fusaro and Erin Fusaro, 2312 Lancelot Lane, $226,000. 
  • Rasheed Qadir Qambari and Samira Khidr Qambari to Isabel Valentin Antonio and Esmeralda Calixto Valentin, lot 1 block J or Park Law Subdivision, $ 310,000.

March 19

  • Syed F. Jafrey and to Evan Watkins, 2195 Deyerle Avenue, $279,000.
  • Don Edward Krueger Jr. to Bradley M. Cohen, 293 Newman Avenue, $425,000. 
  • Harrisonburg Townhomes LLC to Daniel Joseph Wine, 1270 Constitution Court Unit 203, $182,000.


March 15

  • Steven B. Work and Lori R. Work to Grace M. Spart and James D. Spart, 480 Flower Dive Stonewall District, $298,197.37
  • David J. Fisher and Joyce R. Fisher to Joshua Clifton and Baylee M. Kanney, 1401 Forest Avenue Stonewall District, $211,000. 
  • Daniel P. Curran and Jessica E. Curran to James M. Shipp Jr., 2971 Diamond Springs Lane Central District, $229,000. 
  • Dirk Taylor and Laura Taylor to Matthew P. Cauchi and Jenna B. Cauchi, 1765 Janie Lane Ashby District, $600,000.
  • Michel S. Collier and Katie Collier to Candace Anne Saramosing and Darryl Caliedo Saramosing, 358 Alleghany Drive Stonewall District, $260,000. 
  • Stella N. Evans to Christopher Paul Kent and Meaghan Phyllis Kent, 168 Inglewood Court Stonewall District, $339,000. 
  • Carl E. Neal Jr. and Melida B. Neal to Thomas Michael Fox and Diana Janet Fox, lot No. 493 in unit four of Massanutten Development Company Stonewall District, $365,000. 
  • Jason J. Hendricks to Julie C. Chappell and Robert P. Chappell Jr., 1086 Oakdale Court Central District, $195,000. 
  • S& K Contracting Inc. to Karen Krause Fairchild, 315 Walnut Drive Plains District, $213,300.
  • Christopher Shawn Crowell and Megan Frances Crowell to Joel Andrew Smith, 500 3rd Street Stonewall District, $247,000.

March 16

  • Kevin L. McDonald to Brenda Austin, 1449 Mandolin Avenue Stonewall District, $230,000.
  • Consner Construction Inc. to Katelyn West and Austin Galbraith, 361 Sunset Springs Court Plains District, $219,000.
  • Glenn D. Martin and Deborah E. Martin to Hasan Pandzic and Vanela Pandzic, 107 Hickory Lane Ashby District, $ 364,000.
  • Edith H. Berry, Lowell D. Heatwole, Mollie H. Beery and Betty L. Miller to Church of the Lamb, 362 Indian Trail Road Central District, $750,000. 
  • Goods Rentals LLC to Daniel Rivero Milian and Xiomara Denis Chavez, 208 Lewis Avenue Stonewall District, $160,000.
  • The Shenandoah Real Estate Investment Trust LLC to Christopher Bernabe and Ellen Bernabe, 35.910 acres Stonewall District, $190,000. 
  • Carole H. Barber to Katherine M. Pesce, lot 23A of Misty Meadows Subdivision Central District, $237,350.

March 17

  • Antonio L. Gonzalez to Jose C. Villeda and Maria N. Villeda, 3324 Impression Court Ashby Distrcit, $180,000. 
  • Derrick R. Benting and Alicia M. Benting to Dennys Monterrey Moreno and Jenny Mestril- Jimenez, lots 5 6 7 and 8 of business portion of Town of Shendun Stonewall District, $218,000.
  • Stony Run Subdivision LLC to Blake W. Rhodes and Lourdes E. Rhodes, 1860 Saw Mill Court Stonewall District, $357,000. 
  • Sherrill Delaine Wright and Keith Alan Wright to Matthew R. Long and Katie Z. Long, 8950 Centerville Road Ashby District, $ 300,000.
  • Samuel W. Horst to Andrew Lynn Wenger and Jessica Lynn Wenger, 8591 Clarence Drive Linville District, $175,000. 
  • John H. Monger III and Ann A. Monger to Gary J. Gray Jr. and Carrie M. Gray, 3.2537 acres Ashby District, $ 511,000. 
  • Lakey S. Logan to Don Tutwiler and Vickie Tutwiler, two parcels about one mile east of Ottobine Ashby District, $166,000.

March 18

  • Luis H. Cabrera to Perfectly Built LLC, 278 Fourth Street Plains District, $189,900. 
  • James L. Bushong and Shirley A. Bushong to Billhimer 2.0 LLC, 220 East Springbrook Road Plains District, $169,000.
  • Donald E. Lambert and Sandra K. Lambert to Carroll E. Swartz and Linda S. Swartz, .8360 acres Plains District, $220,000.

March 19

  • Redwing LLC to NVR Inc., lots 17 18 27 28 of phase 3 section 2 of Shady Creek Stonewall District, $228,000. 
  • Paul A. Everitt and Sylvia M. Everitt to Adam Foldes and Carin Foldes, 317 Congers Lane Stonewall District, $ 370,000.
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