The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


April 14

  • Daniel C. Langlais to Larry Nelson Martineau and Sara Nicole Martineau, 60 Emery Street, $339,900. 
  • Michael P. Clifford and Naomi J. Clifford to 2212 Lapis Lane LLC, 2212 Lapis Lane, $280,000.

April 15

  • Ryland J. Weiner and April Zambelli-Weiner to Anaseli Marcos- Martinez, 1082 Meadowlark Drive, $189,000. 
  • Nusrat Jahan to 878 Camelot Lane LLC, 878 Camelot Lane, $225,000.

April 16

  • Mark T. McGranahan to Carter S. Riner and Sarah S. Riner, 1130 Hillcrest Drive, $ 411,000.
  • Lori S. Wilfong to Cynthia Kay Hanley, 503 Hickory Grove Circle, $300,000. 
  • David I. Beery and Sarah E. Beery top Dessa M. Crawford, 1020 Star Circle, $252,000. 
  • Chatham Land Company to Robert W. Patton and Evila E. Patton, 2366 Alston Circle, $385,500. 
  • Harrisonburg Townhomes LLC to William Joseph Aspinwall and Karen Leslie Aspinwall, 1790 Sherry Lane, $390,000.


April 12

David Wills and Joanne Wills to Joseph Wills and Zeljana Gorta, lot 8 of Genefield Estates Stonewall District, $437,000. 

Jason G. Correa and Alexis B. Correa to Aaron Kyle Bishop and Hannah Elizabeth Coffey Bishop, 10,800 square feet located on northern side of Marble Ridge Drive Ashby District, $225,000.

Ronald J. Cereola and Sandra J. Cereola to Wiley Jack-Lewis Puffenbarger and Jessica L. Puffenbarger, 3297 Battery Park Place Central District, $385,000. 

Charles R. Prosser to Robert Nathanial Lawson and Claire M. Mawyer, 440 Surrey Place Stonewall District, $370,000.

James D. Blosser II to Niuvys Pluma Ferrer, 1087 Rosedale Drive Central District, $209,900.

April 13

Mary Kate E. Sullivan to Angel L. Lopez Rodriguez and Laney M. Mendoza, 1453 Mandolin Avenue Stonewall District, $226,500. 

NVR Inc. to Edward Worontzoff, lot 22A section 3 of South Peak, $309,675. 

Warren L. Anderson and Rose Marie Anderson to Jeff A. Kehl, lot 8 unit 6 of Massanutten Development Company Stonewall District, $400,000. 

Keith Ritchie to Donnie Allan McKelvey, 0.707 acre on northern side of Spar Mine Road Plains District, $245,500.

April 14

NVR Inc. to Gaetano Vincent Paladino and Kimberly W. Paladino, lot 22B section 3 of South Peak, $310,425. 

Jody G. Meyers and Gary L. Trader II to Edward Samuel Hodges Jr. and Mona Kay Hodghes, lot 5 of Massanutten Development Company Stonewall District, $180,000. 

Morgan D. Whetzel to Jonathon Ellis and Jessica Ellis, 105 Cedar Point Lane Linville District, $195,000. 

Sherwin John Jacobs and Carla Janzen Jacobs to Robert George Aronson, 10.945 acres located about 100 feet north of Wengers Mill Road, $1,199,000.

April 15

Choman A. Mohammed to Kani Mahmud, 3148 Bethany Court Ashby District, $183,000.

Cosner Construction Inc. to Leonel J. Galindez Melendez, 408 Sunset Springs Court Plains District, $230,000. 

Mattias Clymer LLC to Anne V. Silveira and Jonathan L. Ramsey, 225 Miller Street Plains District, $240,000.

April 16

Ha r r i s o n b u r g Community Associates LLC to Irene C. Mianecki, 5025 Fox Trot Lane Stonewall District, $330,000.

Eddy-R Construction LLC to Matthew P. Bollinger and Chelsey M. Bahlmann Bollinger, 460 Surrey Place Stonewall District, $385,000. 

Hoover Enterprises Inc. to Loren J. Smith and Faith M. Smith, 118 acres on western side of Turleytown Road Plains District, $520,000. 

Jeffrey D. May and Karla K. May to Lori S. Wilfong, 9428 square feet located on Windermere Drive Plains District, $340,000. 

MLK Preston Lane LLC to George Pasquale Toscano and Elizabeth Thomas Burtner, 2937 Henry Grant Hill, $483,644. 

Nolan L. Cline and Mary Lieu Cline to Maria Noelia Espinoza and Diana Mendez Espinoza, 2697 Pleasant Valley Road Ashby District, $230,000.

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