The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


May 3

  • Shenandoah Avenue LLC to Jessica Daddio and Adam Ritter, 36 Shenandoah Avenue, $170,500. 
  • Jeannie M. Turner to Brad Thomas Lindsay and Danielle Spanougle, 1045 Carriage Drive, $289,900. 
  • Michael G. Sabarre to Aso Hussein, 1331 Bradley Drive, $177,000.
  • Nicholas E. Allman to Virginia Katherine Kelly and Reinier Alejandro Santana Poutou, 1707 Shenstone Drive, $ 320,000. 
  • Yurquis R. Nunez Sosa to Josue N. Hernandez Ovideo, 785 North Liberty Street, $150,000.
  • Jeffery Taylor and Cindy L. Allen to Grabriel David Kreider and Justice Kreider, 1127 Wellington Drive, $220,000. 
  • Chya Jamal Mustafa to Jeffery J. Taylor Sr., 1921 Russell Drive, $ 380,900. 
  • Robert G. Huff to Micaela N. Cummings, 835 South High Street, $212,500.

May 6

  • Bernard G. Hamann and Julie H. Hamann to Romel Voellm and Nancy Amaya-Voellm, 1307 Bradley Drive, $172,900.

May 7

  • Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust 2017-RP2 by Fay Servicing LLC to Zachary C. Seastrom and Alec Seastrom, 196 Blue Stone Hills Drive, $293,250. 
  • Ilija S. Rakaric and Gorana G. Rakaric to Choman Mustafa and Razhan H. Jaf, 651 Stonewall Drive, $167,000.
  • William P. Vance and Suzanne N. Vance to Global Properties LLC, lot 40 section II of Stonefi eld Village, $230,000.
  • Dennis W. Petefi sh and Cheryl E. Petefish to Bakhan Kareem, 1126 Thomas Paine Drive, $219,900. 
  • Rebecca S. Pascarella to Helen Mead Snyder and Charles Baird Snyder, 750 Roosevelt Street, $194,000. 
  • Rhodes Rentals LLC to CNL Investments LLC, 840 and 842 Madison Street, $150,000.


May 3

  • Hope Community Builders to Hemn A. Nuraldin, 3192 Hebron Court Ashby District, $175,000. 
  • Jose M. Cornejo Rossi and Catherine Rita Collins Cornejo to Darrell Daugherty and Judy Daugherty, 10 acres on corner of Va. 677 and Va. 668 Ashby District, $240,000. 
  • Mary Beth Tysinger to Cory B. Trissel and Charity B. Trissel, 4095 Hudson Circle Central District, $199,900. 
  • Marlyn P. Cullen to Paul Cox and Gwen Cox, 197 Link Road Stonewall District, $287,000.
  • Myron K. Horst and Elva R. Horst to Eldon J. Koogler and Irene E. Koogler, 893 Liskey Road Ashby District, $270,000.
  • Xan Turner Mathias to Helen M. Kimble and Lucian M. Whitmore, 296 Ridgewood Avenue Plains District, $249,000. 
  • Robert T. Mills to Henry Alvan Laney, 105 9th Street Stonewall District, $170,000.

May 4

  • Justus C. Horst and Joanna V. Horst to Steven L. Horst and Anette M. Horst, three parcels two miles west of Greenmount Central District, $700,000. 
  • MLK Preston lake to Sameed Akhtar Siddiqui, Yumma Khan, Mohammed Rashid Khan and Farhat Rashid, 3394 Charleston Boulevard, $ 305,000. 
  • Tirrenia LLC to Alexis C. Mathias, 14716 Daisy Lane Plains District, $196,350. 
  • Alexa R. Battani to Lu Ann Joyce Thomas, 15340 Lone Pine Drive Plains District, $169,900.
  • Henry S. Portillo Amaya to McCaulley Claire Wonderly and Eric Green, 3280 Legion Way Plains District, $250,000.
  • Jay R. Richards and Rebecca E. Richards to Marcus A. Johnson, 1.2388 acres at intersection of Va. 801 and Va. 800 Plains District, $ 302,500.

May 5

  • Clinton K. Robertson III and Lori Robertson to Xiaodong Yu, lot 482 unit 4 of Massanutten Development Company Stonewall District, $ 397,500.
  • Michael W. Gentry to Anthony R. Acampora and Katherine M. Acampora, two tracts on east side of Walnut Bottom Lane Ashby District, $270,000.
  • NVR Inc. to Teri Thompson and Arthur Thompson, Lot 31A section 2 of South Peak, $ 340,970.

May 6

  • Edward J. Shuff and Vicki L. Shuff to Danny Chae, Lot 415 of Massanutten Development Company unit 4 Stonewall District, $ 400,000.

May 7

  • Michael L. Runion and Joan F. Runion to Joshua C. Kyger and Emma R. Kyger, 3.714 acres located on north side of Va. 721 Linville District, $ 422,500. 
  • Cory T. King and Kara R. King to Savanna Rose Lester, 67 Cedar Point Lane Linville District, $194,000. 
  • Pham Chopra to Moccasin Investments LLC, 4241 Palmer Road Stonewall District, $265,500. 
  • Jeb. T. Terrien and Melanie A. Terrien to Aaron Van Zeeland and Jessica Van Zeeland, 4020 Kaleb Drive Central District, $ 439,000. 
  • Katie Z. Long to Tabitha Renee Nelson, 180 Sunset Drive Ashby District, $190,800.
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