The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


June 4

  • Wesley W. Smallwood to David Steven Waybill and Elizabeth Joy Waybill, lot 47 of Conrads Subdivision of part of Sunset Heights addition, $450,000. 
  • John James Daly to Jennifer E. Riden and Benjamin Riden, 2550 Ramblewood Road, $465,000. 
  • Bernard G. Hamann and Julie H. Hamann to Emery R. Brautigan and Chen Brautigan, 1460 Bradley Drive, $177,000.
  • Bernard G. Hamann and Julie H. Hamann to Emery R. Brautigan and Chen Brautigan, 1308 Bradley Drive, $175,000.
  • Rene H. Jandres Serrano to Timothy R. Jopling, 919 Jefferson Street, $197,000. 
  • Gregory R. Andrew to Fehmida LLC, 333 West Market Street, $231,000.
  • Japel Services LLC to Shenandoah Estates LLC, 1051 Oriole Lane, $183,500. 
  • Vearl A. Cook to Shenandoah Estates LLC, 1367 Goldfinch Drive, $187,500.

June 7

  • KW Homes LLC to David H. Hoehner and Caren L. Hoehner, 1340L Hunters Road, $151,000.

June 8

  • Joseph B. Bowman II and Kristine S. Bowman to Ahmed Kobrloo, 1300 Bradley Drive, $165,000.
  • Emilio Amato and Deborah R. Amato to Radhey LLC, 815 East Market Street, $740,000.


June 4

  • Kenneth D. Anderson and Jennifer M. Anderson to Steven C. Knickrehm and Kay M. Knickrehm, 9648 Daphna Road Plains District, $192,500. 
  • Stonewall Investors LC and Miracle Springs Interest LLC to Nolan Hensel Dean and Danielle Marie Dean, 30.983 acres Stonewall District, $180,000. 
  • Wind Properties LLC to Sindy Y. Molina Guifarro, 192 Atlantic Avenue Plains District, $210,000. 
  • Joseph Hartman and Tiffany Hartman to Daniel W. Steelman and Jacqueline S. Miller, 9186 Black Rock Road Stonewall District, $ 369,900.
  • Mary Ann Smith to Justin Bryant and Megan Bryant, 236 Telluride Dr., Plains District, $150,000.
  • Ruby Mae Hensley Breeden, Mary Frances Lam, Mervil Elwood Hensley and Glenna Faye Vickers to Dakota B. Knight, 2.043 acres east of Mount Pleasant Road Stonewall District, $235,000. 
  • R. Wayne Rhodes to Samuel Price and Patricia Williams, 2777 Hopkins Drive Stonewall District, $ 300,000. 
  • Allen Clarence Francies to Betty C. Lyons, 487 East Avenue Plains District, $165,000. 
  • Kevin L. Hinkle and Beverly A. Hinkle to Eric Scott Earls Jr. and Bethany Leeann Earls, 365 Walker Way Plains District, $202,000. 
  • David E. Cavazos and Stephanie L. Warnock to Ashley Shipe and Nicholas Kyle Hensley, 300 Kensington Drive Stonewall District, $ 370,000.
  • D. L. Jenkins Enterprises LLC to Stefan Christopher Harris and Michelle Elise Harris, 2400 Isaac Lane Central District, $296,000. 
  • Roger Pettit to VFC Property LLC, 7376 Community Center Road Ashby District, $195,000.

June 7

  • Veniamin Stupak and Ilona Stupak to Anatolii Stupak and Nathaliia Stupak, 3751 David Road Central District, $ 550,000. 
  • Robert D. Vander Lugt and Ruth M. Vander Lugt to Veniamin Stupak and Ilona Stupak, 882 Boyers Road Central District, $ 830,000. 
  • Spencer L. Griffin and Molly Munden to Megan Graham Alexander, 301 Jackson Avenue Stonewall District, $262,000. 
  • Dorothy M. Smith to Adnuel Marrero Rodriguez Sr., 1.010 acres on southeastern side of Va. 689 Ashby District, $318,000.
  • Paul T. Jones to Joseph P. Gasbarre and Shannon N. Gasbarre, 17233 Starstone Drive Plains District, $150,000.
  • Michael L. Selby & Donna L. Selby to Spencer Griffin and Molly Munden, 906 Flower Drive Stonewall District, $ 330,000.
  • NVR Inc. to Brent Elliott Lewis, lot 25B section 3 of South Peak, $276,630. 
  • Derrick S. Conley and Pamela J. Conley to Michael Laine Selby and Donna Lynn Selby, 2214 Briery Drive Stonewall District, $460,000. 
  • Vasiliy Razinkov and Dina Razinkova to Tara Luschin and Phillipp W. Luschin, 104 McGuffin Place Ashby District, $364,900. 
  • Todd A. Nieder and Kimberly H. Nieder to Mitchell Palmer and Kariann Palmer, 240 Northview Drive Ashby District, $575,000. 
  • Carol D. Yoder and Paul R. Yoder to Robert D. Vander Lugt and Ruth M. Vander Lugt, 2466 Oak Ridge Road Ashby District, $1,725,000.

June 8

  • Byron R. Moats Jr. and Emma Jean Smith to Derrick S. Conley and Pamela J. Conley, 18670 Red Bush Road Stonewall District, $1,450,000. 
  • Shirley B. Dean to Byron R. Moats Jr. and Emma Jean Smith, 7274 East Timber Ridge Road Ashby District, $550,000.
  • Southerly’s Flooring and Construction LLC to Bryan D. Schultz and Shelby J. Schultz, 5.479 acres located at northeastern intersection of Zions Church Road and Southern Railway at Daphna Plains District, $425,000. 
  • Michael I. Whedbee II to Marouf Jwanmery and Aisha Jwanmery, 651 Barrows Court Stonewall District, $515,000. 
  • Wayne R. Lewandowski and Wen-Lin W. Lewandowski to Dominique’s Vacation Rentals LLC, 260 Access Drive Stonewall District, $649,900. 
  • Joyce W. Kuhns to Andrew G. Hedrick and Stephanie C. Hedrick, 199 Gravels Road Linville District, $200,000. 
  • Ricky L. Pence and Jessica Pence to Gennadiy Volokitkin and Tatyana Volokitkin, 91 Cedar Point Lane Linville District, $215,000. 
  • Kevin C. Vanpelt to Boris Peric and Jerica K. Peric, 205 East Bank Street Ashby District, $305,000. 
  • K and T Plus 3 LLC to Fonda Mae Kee, 912 Macon Avenue Stonewall District, $209,000. 
  • Katherine Taylor Hensley & Debora Taylor Liskey to Chad E. Patten and Carlynn J. Patten, 142 Melrose Court Stonewall District, $ 460,000.

June 9

  • Susan R. Morris to Roger Cook, 2.124 acre on west side of Rinacas Corner Road Stonewall District, $175,000. 
  • C. Dennis Miller and Pamela S. Miller to Clay D. Miller, three tracts southeast of Cootes Store near Brocks Gap Road Plains District, $600,000.
  • Marvin L. Knupp II and Gregory W. Randolph to Juan C. Amaya Zelaya, lot 5 and lot 6 of plat entitled survey of property Ernest G. Gehman Central District, $250,471.
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