The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


May 28

  • Chatham Land Company to Bruce Sampson Jr. and Crystal Randall-Sampson, 2354 Alston Circle, $416,000.
  • Justin N. Showalter and Tiffany L. Showalter to Derrick Troyer and Manuela R. D’Avila Pinto Nogueira, 483 Virginia Avenue, $266,000.
  • Justin Lee Corder and Sarah Elizabeth Corder to Michael Willoughby Sharp and Marlena K. Meikrantz Sharp, 487 Eagle Lane, $532,000.
  • Julie E. Dale to Eric Alan Bryan and Dorette Sobolewski, 1290 Constitution Court Unit 303, $199,900.

June 1

  • Outshine Properties LLC to 510 Davis Mill Drive Unit 301 LLC, 510 Mills Drive Apt. 301, $197,500.
  • Gloria E. Rocha Rodriguez to 515 Davis Mill Drive Unit 102 LLC, to 515 Davis Mill Drive Unit 102, $193,000.
  • John L. Bikaduros to 520 Mills Drive, Unit 203 LLC, 520 Davis Mills Drive Unit 203, $200.000
  • Elaine Stanlick to Devin Young and Alyssa Young, 1118 Royal Court, $259,400.
  • Daniel D. Watson and Pamela Ann Thomas to Thomas A. Stewart and Carol Ann Stewart, 1960 Sherry Lane, $373,500.

June 2

  • Jeffrey T. Wolter and Karen P. Wolter to Joseph J. Harrington and Karolina F. Terrazas, 1511 Gilmer Circle, $325,000.
  • Elmer Alexander Posada to Perla S. Saavedra Hernandez, 307 Emerson Lane, $200,000.
  • Mai C. Robertson to Fredy Mauricio Pineda Fuientes, 842 Sunset Drive, $263,000.
  • Rafael A. Rodriguez and to Hayder I. Samraai and Thaer I. Sammarraie, 685 Bartlett Court, $349,000.
  • Pauline V. Hensley to Michael Willi and Bethany L. Willi, 350 North High Street, $157,700.


May 28

  • NVR INc to James Joseph Zwolinski II, lot 23B section 3 of South Peak, $284,225.
  • S&M Investment Properties LLC to Vickie C. Raynes, 407 11th Street Stonewall District, $250,000.
  • White House Designs Inc. to Abigail Courtney, lot 35 Quail Run section 5 Stonewall District, $224,141.
  • Jacob N. Clarke and Bridgette L. Clarke to William Z. Blanton and Victory Blanton, 310 High Street Ashby District, $272,500.
  • Jacqueline B. Ciccone to Dale V. Halvorsen and Cheryl L. Halvorsen, 288 Ridgeview Avenue Plains District, $215,000.
  • James R. Robinson and Pramila Robinson to Vitaliy Dovganetskiy and Viktoriya Dovganetskiy, 285 Callaway Circle Central District, $317,000.
  • Patricia M. Knight to Sara Dove, 8700 Lacey Heights Linville District, $181,000.
  • Brentwood II LLC to Joseph M Capuano, 1768 Bexley Drive Ashby District, $224,400.
  • Cynthia Kay Simmons to Gladys Georgette Chujoy, 3035 Taylor Spring Lane Central District, $235,000.
  • Linda G. Spencer to Matthew Cuba and Kayla Yurco, 3193 Taylor Spring Lane Central District, $425,000.

June 1

  • Douglas N. Shorter Jr. and Pauline K. Shorter to George Shafer 1787 Properties LC, 341 Quail Court Stonewall District, $297,500.
  • NVR Inc. to Robert P. Pritchard and Colleen C. Pritchard, lot 23A section 3 of South Peak, $187,265.
  • Ira L. Gelser and Nancy C. Gelser to Kenneth A. Aldrich and Amy J. Aldrich, 913 Oak Grove Lane Ashby District, $238,000.
  • Brentwood II LLC to Giovanni Guzman Prez and Eimaelis Guzman, lot 59 of Brentwood Homes subdivision phase 3 Ashby District, $225,900.
  • David R. Harris and Leslie Susan Harris to William O’Neil Suddath and Sonia Palmieri, lot 546 unit 4 of Massanutten Development Company, $291,900.
  • MLS Preston Lake LLC to Phillip E. Lamanna and Lisa M. Lamanna, 3050 Henry Grant Hill, $718,800.
  • James E. Southerly and Maria C. Southerly to Jeffrey Deavers and Laura Deavers 9581 Phillips Store Road Plains District, $350,000.
  • Kyla Brinkman and Seth D. Roach to William E. Arehart and Avivia F. Arehart, 307 East Spotswood Avenue Stonewall District, $160,000.

June 2

  • Asset Builders LLC to Ronald L. Custer, 15307 American Legion Drive Plains District, $243,000.
  • Asset Builders LLC to Richard C. Reardon and Molly E. Kelliher, 15305 American Legion Drive Plans District, $243,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Espey Theodore Browning Jr. and Deborah Kay Browning, 2949 Henry Grant Hill, $513,495.50.
  • Julie T. Grandstaff to kelly A. Schlernitzauer, 6009 Flank Circle Stonewall District, $224,900.
  • Fasika Aberra to Justin D Roberts and Angela M. Roberts, 3048 Brookstone Drive Central District, $605,000.

June 3

  • Damon Weston Allen and Lynn H. Allen to Anibal Drelichman and Denise Thomasson, 271 Quail Court Stonewall District, $436,999.
  • SVTB Crossroads LLC to James F. Cahill and Beth E.C. Cahill, final plat Crossroads Farm Estate section 21 Central District, $250,000.
  • Dreama E. Smith-Bennett to Matthew Thomas Geiger, 10510 Ore Bank Road Stonewall District, $253,900.
  • Jenny Lynn McDorman to Douglas W. Kubosh and Sandra L. Kubosh, 6.700acres on northest side of Va. 651, $393,500.

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