The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


August 4

  • G. Randall Combs and Linda C. Combs to Harold Spurlock III and Lourdes Spurlock, 251 Fairway Drive, $450,000.
  • Shenandoah Estates LLC to Brandi Farris and Holli Stanford, 1408 Central Avenue, $264,000.
  • MMM Holdings LLC to Bie G. Lee and Heidi L. Lee, Unit 202 of building 6 phase 2 of Campus View JMU Condominium, $192,000.
  • David Waybill and Elizabeth Waybill to Graciela Perez and Prayash Sharma Pyakurel, 109 Third street, $267,000.
  • Home LLC to Javier M. Gonzalez Fernandini and Hana Gonzalez Fernandini, lot 91 Hungers Ridge Townhomes section 1 phase A, $177,900.

August 6

  • Larry Rising and Margaret N. Rising to Stephen Michael Ernst and Brittany Marie Colabrese, 275 Fairway Drive, $599,000.
  • Crown LLC to Maxim B. Moroz, 1316 Old Windmill Circle, $201,000.
  • Haynch Inc. to Our Community Place, 7, 757 square feet on the east side of Reservoir Street, $152,100.
  • David M. Pence to Jamie Lee Reese and Dustin Holland Reese, 12 Shenandoah Avenue, $254,000.
  • Kevin B. Phaup and Rachel M. Phaup to Aric Scott Berg and Emily Margaret Westkaemper, 86 Laurel Street, $357,500.
  • Priscilla Properties LLC to Jose De Leon Yanes and Karla Flores Barahona, 581 Blue Ridge Drive, $309,000.


August 4

  • NVR Inc. to Lawrence F. Cox Jr. and Charlotte Anne Kalkan Cox, lot 16B section three of South Peak, $334, 175.
  • Jeremy L. Zimmerman to Seth T. Martin, 7616 Simmers Valley Road Linville District, $218,000.
  • George Vidal and Eliza C. Vidal to Tanya Bikerstaff and Francis D. Chester, 3016 Lynwood Lane Central District, $405,000.
  • Michael T. Johnson and Melanie M. Moon to William C. Dempsey and Joanna M. Dempsey, 4684 Palmer Road Stonewall District, $480,000.
  • Geraldine Slusher to Aleksandr V. Dronov and Irina B. Dronova, 3565 North Valley Pike Linville District, $805,000.
  • Keo Khochareun to Thedy Fernando Otzoy Morales, 1745 Janie Lane Ashby District, $540,000.

August 5

  • Jon Scott Martin and Whitney Ann Martin to Rafael Sanson and Natasha Cruz, 1931 Rhianon Lane Central District, $418,000.
  • Three J LLC to Zhi Lin and Yimi Oiu, tract 4 of The Orchards Plains District, $305,000.
  • Lewis G. Martin and Mabel Elizabeth Martin to David L. Rhodes and Krista L. Rhodes, 2659 Harness Shop Road Ashby District, $200,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Michael O. Meredith and Rebecca S. Meredith, 426 Sunset Springs Court Plains District, $264,900.

August 6

  • Marvin J. Yoder and Susan A. Yoder to DPL Rentals LLC, 256 Telluride Drive Plains District, $192,900.
  • Charles P. Cooper and Elizabeth B. Cooper to James R. Thompson and Micah L. Thompson 8455 East Timber Ridge Road Ashby District, $475,000.
  • David C. Miller and Shelia D. Foglesong to Kevin O. Hottinger and Ashlie M. Hottinger, 4076 Singers Glen Road Central District, $337,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Stacey V. Williams and Roxanne P. Williams, 3197 Marion Square, $321,888.
  • Townes at Congers Creek LLC to Kristo Papa and Elmira Khakimova, 2862 Belgian Drive Central District, $255,900.

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