The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


August 13

  • Nadine C. Moore to Maximo Celestino Valentin and Francisca C. Celestino, 1115 Rockingham Drive, $250,000.
  • Daniel D. Hochstetler and Karen E. Hochstetler to Jose A. Olivares, 23 West Washington Street, $210,000.

August 16

  • Emery Yoder and Faye G. Yoder to Mark S. Gornto and Melody D. King, 875 Hillside Avenue, $ 333,000. 
  • Lit Holdings LLC to Natalie Kirchner Bowen and Randall Evan Bowen, lot No. 164 of Harmony Heights Section 9A, $ 670,000. 
  • Ronnie L. Freed to Bashar Salih Mohammed and Yursa Ekrem Khalaf, 1104 Mountain View Drive, $161,000. 
  • Phillip R. Baker and Susan C. Korman to James H. Suter, 1043 Betsy Ross Court, $210,000. 
  • David Harrison Simmers IV and Lauren M. Simmers to James H. Suter, 1117 Patrick Henry Place, $215,000.

August 17

  • Leonid V. Gorobchuk and Tetyana Gorobchuk to Min B. Ghale and Ram K. Ghale, 1420 Stonechris Drive, $ 329,000.


August 12

  • Sarah F. Foley to Chase Investments Group LLC, 3332 Hill Gap Road Ashby District, $197,500.
  • Samantha N. Wenger to Vanessa Nitcheu, 114 Granny Smith Drive Plains District, $179,800.
  • Jon-Mark Oliver and Diane Heather Worringham to Phyllis Botkin, 440 Mason Street Ashby District, $251,000.
  • Noah Manzo Surgener and Amy Elizabeth Surgener to Benjamin L. Thompson and Samantha N. Wenger, 324 Rustic Avenue Plains District, $299,000. 
  • Mitchell T. Leap and Freedah Leap to Nicholas John Phillips and Emily Rachel Zane, 977 Gravels Road Linville District, $278,000. 
  • Daniel T. Fisher and Melissa L. Fisher to Christopher S. Jackson and Kimberly C. Jackson, 8.258 acres east of the junction of Field Crest Lane and Switchboard Road Central District, $774,900.

August 13

  • Charlotte A. Saufley to David R. Loker and Beth A. Loker, 1960 Bethel Church Road Stonewall District, $371,000. 
  • Howard T. Runion and Katherine M. Runion to Amanda G. May, 6817 Greenmount Road Linville District, $275,000. 
  • Charles S. Franke and Annette B. Franke to Jeffrey Lloyd Alloway, 18005 North Mountain Road Plains District, $180,000. 
  • Asa Edward Taylor and Jennifer Anne Taylor to Micah Stauffer and Sheila Stauffer, 165 Hastings Court Central District, $757,000.

August 16

  • Bernhart Jedamski and Retha L. Jedamski to Branch Point Properties LLC, parcel of 33.1571 acres and 227.51 acres near intersection of Va. 259 and Va. 820 Plains District, $775,000. 
  • Brentwood II LLC to Sury E. Torres Villega, 2330 Brentwood Drive Ashby District, $230,000.
  • Crescent Ridge LLC to Kateryna Kokhan, 1146 Bluemoon Drive Central District, $268,400.
  • Carroll E. Swartz and Linda S. Swartz to Braxton Tyler Taylor and Kayla Alane Dove, 17236 Andrick Mill Road Plains District, $245,000. 
  • Hailey Oden and Adrienne Oden to Maria Teresa Diaz Nolasco, 169 East Riverside Drive Plains District, $190,000.

August 17

  • Robert C. Dellinger Jr. and Sharon L. Dellinger to Chad Blais and Holly Blais, 265 Dogwood Drive Plains District, $250,000. 
  • Jeffrey B. Didawick and Amy H. Didawick to Hailey Oden and Adrienne Oden, 236 East Lee Street Plains District, $245,000. 
  • William B. McCausland Nr. To Eric Steven Pinkston, 336 East Rockingham Street, Stonewall District, $199,900. 
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Samuel C. Spicher, 3209 Marion Square, $359,403. 
  • Blake G. Koteita and Belinda F. Koteita to Aaron R. Johnson and Kristy C. Johnson, 242 Northview Drive Ashby District, $ 450,000. 
  • Janet B. Dovel to Chad E. Morse, 6674 East Point Road Stonewall District, $170,000. 
  • Gopal Family LLC Nirvana Series to Angel Antonio Gonzalez Jimenez and Rosana I. Rivera Santos, 249 Jessamine Place Stonewall District, $295,000. 
  • Mark S. Chranowski and Sharon H. Chranowski to Christopher S. Donahue and Deborah A. Donahue, 3320 Baybrook Drive Ashby District, $ 581,039.
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