The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


August 23

  • David L. Kilimnik to Lucio A. Guevara Orellana, 305 Collicello Street, $256,250.
  • Haval K. Qader and Ruayda K. Qadir to Michael R. Pouliot and Jody A. Pouliot, 814 Meadowlark Drive, $152,000.
  • Gregory S. Bellamy and Ashley H. Bellamy to Christopher D. Noll and Katie D. Noll, 816 Greenbriar Drive, $ 440,000.
  • Peggy H. Landis to Daryl E. Peifer and Jane H. Peifer, 1420 Hillcrest Drive,$389,000. 
  • Frances T. Miller to Mark C. Hanna, Sibert Addition on Ott Street, $429,000. 
  • Strategic Investors LLC to Michael Doe, 659 Claremont Drive, $700,000. 
  • KEK Inc. to Jumar Dominick Peterson and Dane Ashley Peterson, 2312 Kendall Lane, $206,000.

August 24

  • Ian W. Swartz and Hannah K. Johnson to Nora L. Anderson and James C. Anderson, 345 Franklin Street, $ 300,000. 
  • Kathleen K. Downs to Amy K. Dickson, 341 Stoneleigh Drive, $296,000.


August 23

  • Crescent Ridge LLC to Victoria Ashleigh Armstrong and Zachary Alan Zollars, 1134 Bluemoon Drive Central District, $264,900. 
  • Alice Rayne Lam and Joanna Mae Lam to Trevor K. Nikkel and Ruth E. Nikkel, 18228 Spotswood Trail Stonewall District, $162,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Josue Pacheco, 249 Telluride Drive Plains District, $164,900.
  • Crescent Ridge LLC to John Goulart and Michelle Goulart, 1140 Bluemoon Drive Central District, $279,400.
  • Louis G. Armstrong and Barbara Armstrong to Stephen K. Lucas and Abigail J. Schweber, 718 Gravels Road Linville District, $230,000. 
  • Dennis K. Evans to Sabah Sallah, 3167 North Whitsel Church Road Ashby District, $295,000.
  • K and T Plus 3 LLC to Phillip A. Rekitzke and Erin Elizabeth Rekitzke, 4133 Oak Ridge Road Ashby District, $277,800.

August 24

  • Cosner Investments LLC and Cosner Contruction Inc. to Willow Property Investments LLC, 235 Telluride Drive Plains District, $322,810.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to J. Kenneth Kline, 245 Telluride Drive Plains District, $156,655.
  • Christopher Maurice Cupp and Gayle W. S. Cupp Jr. to Alan E. Strawderman, .56 of an acre on Old Rockingham Turnpike at U. S. 33 Central District, $ 380,000. 
  • The Melton Group LLC to Tracy G. Melton, 9607 Centerville Road Ashby District, $ 300,000.
  • Crescent Ridge LLC to Christopher Scott Rice & Megan Marie Rice, 1152 Bluemoon Drive Central District, $282,400.

August 25

  • Bertha J. Roberts, Ernest L. Wyant and Barbara A. Wyant to Adam S. Hayslett and Sydney Hayslett, 3952 Spotswood Trail Central District, $204,900. 
  • Elwood G. Eppard and Chrstine R. Eppard to Cheryl S. Calhoun, 356 West Springbrook Road Plains District, $ 340,000.
  • Brandon Fry to Aaron Kelly and Veronica Wright, 19253 Spotswood Trail Stonewall District, $290,000. 
  • Jared Miller & Erica Miller to Juan Peralta and Odivina Peralta, 8271 North Valley Pike Linville District, $291,500. 
  • Turner Family Fund LLC to Richard A. Ritchie and Darlene P. Ritchie, 123.51 acres on west slope of Little North Mountain and 14.653 acres on west side of Little North Mountain in Plains and Linville districts, $ 300,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Joshua K. Twery and Erin S. Twery, 456 Sunset Springs Court Plains District, $239,900.
  • The Townes at Congers Creek LLC to Bernard Hamann and Julie Hamann, 2876 Belgian Drive Central District, $295,125. 
  • The Townes at Congers Creek LLC to Thomas D. Rea & Jennifer L. Rea, 2880 Belgian Drive Central District, $274,454.
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