The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


September 8

  • Christopher D. Noll and Katie D. Noll to Natalie Brooke Garcia, 27 Tamela Court, $ 390,000.
  • Kyle J. Snow and Mary R. Snow to Chi Sung Song and Shin Ji Kang, 1056 Meadowlark Drive, $226,000.

September 9

  • Hope C. Rias to Shalaw Jamal Hussein, 296 Emerald Drive, $270,000.

September 10

  • C. Glenn Loucks to Blue Anchor Estates LLC, 423 West Market Street, $ 325,000.


September 7

  • NVR Inc. to Arrick Matthew Burke and Tiffany Burke, lot 34 section 2 of Shady Creek, $ 323,475. 
  • Joseph Mark Mercia to Martha Jeanne Donaldson, lots 7 and 8 in block 6 section 3 of Elkton Improvement Company, $265,000. 
  • NVR Inc. to Bradley Douglas Matthias and Kayla Renee Matthias, lot 24 phase 3 section 2 of Shady Creek, $277,975.
  • John Carl Jarrels and Helen Shirey Jarrels to Barbara B. Roderick, 6061 Oak Shade Road Ashby District, $256,000.

September 8

  • Justin S. Morris and Lacey M. Morris to Timothy Leigh Berry and Brooke Ashley Berry, 2510 Newtown Road Stonewall District, $199,900. 
  • Kevin Wayne George and Jessica Nelson George to Raymond Morales, 7476 Lilly Square Ashby District, $185,000. 
  • Brentwood II LLC to Randy Ruiz Peraza and Olga Dianelys Rigories Diaz, 2313 Brentwood Drive Ashby District, $230,600. 
  • Rodney Wood and Daniel G. Wood to Brian Scott Painter and Meghan C. Painter, 423 West Spotswood Trail Stonewall District, $155,000.
  • Timothy G. Hemingway and Cassandra Hemingway to Maysaion Abdul Jabar, 261 Fifth Street Plains District, $275,000. 
  • Douglas Nolen Shorter and Pauline Kearns Shorter to Weston J. Coulam and Suzanne Paige Coulam, 4118 Palmer Road Stonewall District, $470,000. 
  • Stephen P. Macchio and Sarah B. Macchio to Timucin Ozcan and Eliz M. Ozcan, 165 Griffi n Lane Plains District, $157,000.

September 9

  • William B. Mercer and Pamela C. Mercer to Rhonda Shoemaker and Robert Shoemaker, 3853 Trackside Road Stonewall District, $825,000. 
  • Ronald A. Beehler to Jason Fox and Joanne M. Fox, 2829 Lanier Lane Stonewall District, $295,000. 
  • James D. Phillips and Catherine L. Phillips to Jefferson M. Heatwole and Vanessa L. Heatwole, 3200 Baybrook Drive Ashby District, $675,000.
  • Brentwood II LLC to Victoria L. Hudson, 2400 Brentwood Drive Ashby District, $223,900. 
  • Jane E. Madison to Christian T. Smith, 602 6th Street Stonewall District, $250,000. 
  • Taylor D. Blakely and Krista H. Blakely to David M. Nicholas, 201 East Bank Street Ashby District, $300,000. 
  • Kevin E. Hensley and Myra F. Hensley to Danielle A. Alicea, 2061 Oak Grove Stonewall District, $317,000. 
  • Brentwood II LLC to Matthew C. Grooms, 2355 Brentwood Drive Ashby District, $225,900. 
  • Juanita P. Scott to Joy Moore, 403 Essex Street Plains District, $ 305,000.

September 10

  • Michael I. Whedbee and Lisa S. Whedbee to Michael I. Whedbee II, 42.153 acres on southeastern side of Pineville Road Stonewall District, $200,000. 
  • Timothy G. Delawder and Kristin L. Delawder to Brandon T. Griffin and Sarah R. Spence, 12324 Wampler Road Plains District, $324,900. 
  • Ranchero Place LLC to Taste of India Group LLC, 14807 Spotswood Trail Stonewall District, $ 400,000.
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