The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more


May 31

  • Enterprise Investments LTD and Cameron Weld to RND Investments and Cameron Weld, 464 Cardinal Drive, $240,000.
  • Brian P. Whalen and James Kevin Whalen to Jabar Perot, final plat of Avalon Woods II section 3, $190,000.
  • Eugene Clayton to Samuel McRae Swanlund, 1392 Bradley Drive,
  • William Wah Nan Cheung and Wai Man Nancy Cheung to Oleg
    Stepanov and Shawnette Stepanova, 2232 Deyerle Avenue, $327,777.
  • Peggy C. Coffey and Betty C. Moore to Hunter O. Shuke and Jarrold
    Wesley Howdyshell Jr., 916 Spotswood Drive, $200,000.
  • Sonia Arbogast to Benjamin Lacey, 419 Neyland Drive, $301,000.
  • Leo E. Heatwole to Chadrick L. Miller and Carmen L. Miller and
    Trisha L. Voorhis, 1651 Park Road, $490,000.

June 1

  • Toki Properties DM 103 LLC to Meadow View Properties LLC, 515
    Davis Millis Drive Apt. 103, $216,000.
  • Clay William Daugherty to Dawn Miller, 319 Emerald Drive, $299,000.
  • Michael A. Ritchie, Martin M. Ritchie and Jon Ian Ritchie to Aladdin Properties LLC, 400 Franklin Street, $242,500.

June 2

  • Sanjeev Bhuta to Mohammad Aslam, 2125 Whispering Springs Road,
  • Desiderata LLC to Amy Elizabeth Lemmons, 551 Norwood Street,


May 31

  • Alberta A. Lowery to Katie Miller, property west of Hinton on northern
    side of U.S. 33 Central District, $190,000.
  • Ronald E. Lopez Delgado and Veronica Santiago Ayala to Gennadiy Volokitkina and Tatyana Volokitkina, 107 Cedar Point Lane Linville
    District, $240,000.
  • Blanche M. Custer to Vanessa Kae Crites and Corey Britan Crites,
    183 Edom Lane Plains District, $226,000.
  • Richard A. Martin and Bernice A. Martin to Jeffrey O. Martin, 171
    Heatwole Road Central District, $306,000.
  • Trevor K. Nikkel and Ruth E. Nikkel to Enrique Gomez Cortina
    and Mariana M. Cortina, 2.338 acres located on Naked Creek Road Stonewall District, $340,000.
  • Roy Barnhart and Carol Barnhart, 207 Grasshopper Lane Stonewall
    District, $220,000.
  • Bridgewater Fields LLC to Mark L. Sensabaugh and Beverly A. Sensabaugh, 14 Pasture Drive Ashby District, $317,900.
  • Bridgewater Fields LLC to Mark L. Sensabaugh and Beverly A. Sensabaugh, 26 Pasture Drive Ashby District, $314,900.
  • Nathan R. Bonora and Jennifer Elizabeth Kuk-Bonora to Elwin Lawson Bresette, II and Nicole Collins Bresette, 255 Truman Drive Plains
    District, $455,000.
  • Amelia Bayer to Sandra A. Hottel and Pamela A. Neal, 190 Buchanan Drive Plains District, $310,000.

June 1

  • Steven L. Smith to Jaimie A. Hensley, 10374 Whispering Pine Lane Stonewall District, $312,500.
  • Patricia M. Rea to Will James Gronewold and Mallory Lyn Marsh, 106 Berkeley Avenue Stonewall District, $257,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Gary G. Blosser and Crystal Blosser, 265 Council Street, $383,519.
  • Ernest J. Havener and Diana S. Havener to Mark A. Showalter and Mary Jane Showalter, 4705 Ottobine Road Ashby District, $500,000.
  • Thomas P. Keegan and Elaine M. Keegan to David Franklin Ritchie, 9749 Town Hall Road Stonewall District, $272,000.
  • Douglas Matthew Black and Erin Leigh Black to Trenton Wilt and Cassie Wilt, 3850 David Road Central District, $526,000.
  • Milstead Construction LLC to Morgan E. Hall and Dustin W. Johnson, 1 acre on southern side of Va. 626 about 1,300 feet northwest of its junction with U.S. 33 Stonewall District, $280,000.
  • Ronald J. Schuett and Holli R. Schuett to Mary Loretta Dean, lot 1 of Heritage Villas, $225,000.
  • Shelia L. Reedy to Cordell D. Reid Jr., 480 Coyote Run Plains District, $369,000.
  • Ashby Holdings LLC to William Ortiz Jr. and Crystal J. Ortiz, 602 9th Street Stonewall District, $425,490.95
  • Carr Masonry and Construction LLC to Janeen T. Lovenguth, 134 Millstone Street Ashby District, $360,000.
  • Rosemary Paoletti to Diana Court Properties LLC, 455 Diana Court Ashby District, $295,000.

June 2

  • William B. Anderson IV and Brittany N. Anderson to Daud Lesly Puffer, 490 Mill Street Ashby District, $260,000.
  • Michael W. Davis and Robert W. Davis to Robert W. Davis II, 409 Monger Hill Road Stonewall District, $280,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Rock Valley Rentals LLC, 2855 Locust Grove Court Central District, $1,025,000.
  • Trenton E. Simmons and Alysa Danielle Marie Simmons to Mitchell Markley Sr. and Teresa Brooks Markley, 1950 McCall Drive Ashby District, $245,000.
  • Carlo Montalbano to Casey Allen Showalter, 16914 Andrick Mill Road Plains District, $268,000.

June 3

  • Nelson L. Wenger and Susan R. Wenger to Anthony L. Wenger and Lisa M. Wenger, 6124 Briery Branch Road plus 28.080 acres on northeastern side of Briery Branch Road around 1,750 feet southeast of its junction with Daniel Cupp Road, $1,050,000.
  • Brentwood II LLC to Regulo Bomaye Garcia Sr., 1725 Bexley Drive Ashby District, $239,700.
  • Premier Renovation and Construction LLC to Matthew Donald Casella and Lindsay Kate Caesar, 3045 Hemlock Street Central District, $405,000.
  • Gregory A. Shilling and Steven J. Shilling to Amber Dawn Shilling and Jarrett Lee Beatty, 1.918 acres located on west side of Va. 798 around 75 feet southeast of the junction of Va. 798 and Va. 799 Plains District, $250,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Charles C. Driest, 2905 Locust Grove Court Central District, $255,000.
  • Joanne Hoover Runion to Timothy Robert Bryan, 20174 Gauley Ridge Road Linville District, $240,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Savo Aziz and Ali Khoshnaw, 2933 Locust Grove Court Central District, $255,000.
  • Steven J. Dean to Cynthia J. Dean to Maksym A. Didyk and Olga P. Didyk, 232 Northview Drive Ashby District, $390,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Max Rentals LLC, 2883 Locust Grove Court Central District, $1,000,000.
  • Harold J. Simmers, Dwight J. Simmer and Rodney L. Schroeder to Davis S. Wiseman Jr. and Stacey A. Wisman, 16866 Spar Mine Road Plains District, $345,000.
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