The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


August 8

  • John Reed and Martha Ruiz Rivera to Zainab Al Jabi and Muayad Al Bayati, 496 Pointe Drive, Harrisonburg, $267,000.
  • Robert Heltzel, Eric Heltzel and August Steinhilber III to Nadeem and Aisha Afridi, 108 Commerce Court, Harrisonburg, $179,000.
  • TG Land Holdings LLC to Conicville Investments LLC, Lot 10E, Beacon Hill Subdivision, Section 5, $217,000.
  • Kurtis and Essa Paterson to Owen and Kimberly Longacre, 468 Preston Drive, Harrisonburg, $560,000.
  • NVR Inc. to Daniel and Logan Ferro, County Parcel Lot 2, Section 2, The Crossings, $498,145.
  • NVR Inc. to Courtney Pitts and Seth Hardesty, Lot 19, Section 3, Cobbler’s Valley, $334,975
  • Robert Hallahan to Andrew Connell, 1053 Cherrybrook Drive, Harrisonburg, $231,000.

August 9

  • Stephen Yoder to Eweshire Glen LLC, 126- Weavers Road, $365,000.
  • NVR Inc. to Rachel Franceschini and Devin Blanchard, County Parcel Lot 1, Section 2, The Crossings, $508,000.
  • NVR Inc. to Santos Avila Ruiz and Marlene Melendez Torres, Lot 108, Section 3, Cobbler’s Valley, $413,480.
  • Brent and Kristen Rigby to Kevin Young- Bey, 3460 Lake Pointe Drive, $897,000.
  • Steven and Lois Alderfer to Syed Ali and Rawash Afridi, 309 Emerson Lane, Harrisonburg, $245,000.

August 10

  • WRockStreet LLC to Bad Moon Distribution LLC, 120 W. Wolfe St., $600,000.
  • The Townes at Congers Creek LLC to Richard and Patricia Ortega, 1331 Palomino Trail, $339,985.
  • Derek Tucker, trustee of the DRT Trust, to Robert Perks and Karen Brooks, 1280 Constitution Court, Unit 301, Harrisonburg, $215,000.
  • Robin and John Reifsnider, trustees of the Robin T. Reifsnider trust, John Reifsnider Jr. and Forrest Reifsnider to Mark Roseberry, 329 W. Bruce St., Harrisonburg, $275,000.
  • Jonathan Saylor and Pamela Mandigo to Jordan and Elizabeth Davidson, 485 West Ave., Harrisonburg, $327,000.
  • Ross and Cathy Erb to Miguel Contreras and Anaid Cordova, 1241 Mount Clinton Pike, Harrisonburg, $220,000.

August 11

  • Debra and Floyd Kratz, co-trustees of the Debra Kratz Revocable trust, to Edwin Posada, 1215 Old Richmond Circle, Harrisonburg, $210,000.
  • Ronard and Lynn Trobaugh, trustees of the Ronald L. Trobaugh trust, and Lynn and Ronald Trobaugh, trustees of the Lynn S. Trobaugh trust, to Pleasant Valley 1230 LLC, 1230 Pleasant Valley Road, $219,000.


Aug. 8

  • Dennis Lantz, Keith Lantz, Linda Wilkins, Cathay Caldwell, Chris Lantz and Hugh Lantz to Matthew and Holly Glovier, 20982 Bennett Run Road, $369,000.
  • Gregory Griffith, trustee of the Betty Griffith Revocable trust, to Luis Hernandez and Natividad Rodriguez- Palacios, a parcel in the Spotswood Acres Subdivision, $445,000.
  • KW & DR Properties LLC to Christopher Di Gerolamo, 302 Eighth St., Grottoes, $269,000.
  • Kaitlyn Bible and Jesse Thompson to Bernardo Chavez-Maldonado and Elvia Chavez, 9602 Mountain Valley Road, $350,000.
  • Carr Masonry and Construction LLC to John and Nicole Whatley, 153 Millstone St., Bridgewater, $365,976.
  • Meredith Emswiler II and Sandra Gay to Cedar Run Farming LLC, 9.183
    acres south of Va. 786 in the Plains District, $150,000.
  • Robert and Leslie McHone to Sereda and Jon Morford, 261 Second Mountain Trail, $169,900.
  • Bret Bridges to Camila Pandolfi Parietti and Belen Martinez, Lot 1 on the plat of Northampton Court, $183,000.
  • Sherwood and Frances Hensley to Dillon Shifflett and Rebekah Michael, 6.157 acres in the Stonewall District, $300,000.

August 9

  • Arash Bateni and Ida Meftahi, and Yashar Salek and Mersedeh Tariverdia to Tara Diamond and Nathaniel Hast, 30.395 acres on Acorn Lane in the Plains District, $815,000
  • Joyce Grove, trustee of the Sidney E. Grove Revocable trust, and Joyce Grove, trustee of the Joyce M. Grove Revocable trust, to Knoll Meadow II LLC, 7.254 acres in the Ashby District, $975,000.

August 10

  • Charles Pennybacker to Theresa Smith, 326 Ashby St., Dayton, $225,000.
  • JC Properties Investment LLC to James Madison University Real Estate Foundation Inc., 1.215 acres in Harrisonburg on the west side of
    the right of way of Chesapeake Western Railway, $450,000.
  • JC Properties Investment LLC to James Madison University Real Estate Foundation Inc., 0.974 acres in Harrisonburg on the west side of
    the right of way of Chesapeake Western Railway, $375,000.

August 11

  • Milton Castillo to Rasheed Kier and Victoria Wigley, 11231 Port Republic Road, $265,992.
  • NVR Inr. to Brenton and Molly Langston, Lot 60, Phrase 1B/1C, Section 9A, Shady Creek, $391,365.
  • Kevin Wine to Jacob Senger, 7524 Briery Branch Road, $205,000.

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