The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


July 18

  • Christian and Melissa Perritt to Aliaksandr and Kseniya Rakhta, Lot 6E, Beacon Hill Subdivision, Section 2, $225,000.
  • Priscilla Liskey, trustee of the Priscilla D. Liskey trust, to Jeffrey and Monica Newcomer Miller, 130 Ott St., Harrisonburg, $477,500.
  • Abram Shearer, trustee of the Hobert G. Texiere Revocable trust, to Hector Jacome-Rosales and Yessenia Lucero McGregor, a parcel on the northeast side of Park Road, Harrisonburg, $541,750.
  • Brentwood II LLC to Amalio Gonzalez Nicolas, 2371 Whitestone Drive, $246,900.

July 19

  • Walter and Brenda Mann, trustees of the Walter A. Mann Jr. trust, and Brenda and Walter Mann Jr., trustees of the Brenda L. Mann trust,
    to Elizabeth and George Davis, 121 Leonard Court, Harrisonburg, $500,600.

July 20

  • Travis Olson and Cassandra Williams to Brandon and Kaitlyn Mendenhall, 436 Cardinal Drive, Harrisonburg, $340,000.

July 22

  • Every Heart’s Desire LLC to Randolph and Terry Edwards, 4090 Evelyn Byrd Ave., Harrisonburg, $2.12 million
  • James and Barbara Stader to Nody Gonzalez and Juan Garcia Carrero, 1115 Waterman Drive, Harrisonburg, $325,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Richard and Mary Ann Imgram, 3079 Clubhouse Hill Road, Harrisonburg, $783,300.
  • Mahan Ellison and Kathryn Dickson-Ellison to Kendall and Brian Slater, 311 W. Grace St., $327,000.


July 18

  • Andrew and Ellen Friedman to Erica and Brock Dorsey, 833 Mount Olivet Church Road, Elkton $901,000.
  • R and R Builders and Properties LLC to Edgar Sandoval Godoy, 300A Fifth St., Grottoes, $250,925.
  • Billy and Teresa Morgan to Matthew Rose, Lot No. 216, Unit 3 on a plat of Massanutten Development Co., $310,000.
  • Brent and Monica Burkholder to Kale Vanbourgondien, 1.765 acres in the Central District, $260,000.
  • NVR Inc. to Mar and Anne-Laure Barruel, Lot 42, Phase 1B/1C, Section 9, Shady Creek, $305,480.
  • Ian and Dorothy Maddison, co-trustees of the Ian and Dorothy Maddison family trust, to James Madison University Real Estate Foundation Inc., 709 Hickory Hill Drive, $400,000.
  • David Alvarez and Heidi Field-Alvarez to Brett Selestay and Ghotbee Lim, 451 Passage Lane, $506,000.
  • Southerly’s Flooding and Construction LLC to Virginia and Steven Mason, Lot 103, Section 5, Coyote Run, $369,000.

July 19

  • Anna Sacchetti to Katherine Wright and Matthew Huette, 2540 Hawksbill Road, $361,000.
  • Christopher and Sarah Orem to Clarice Gardner, 1425 Flowing Spring Lane, $292,000.
  • Cobbler’s Valley Development Inc. to NVR Inc., Lots 22, 27 and 28, Section 3, Cobbler’s Valley, $210,000.
  • July 20 S&M Investment Properties LLC to Our 3 Investments LLC, 503 11th St., Grottoes, $289,000.
  • Sarah and Paige Merkord-Reed to Mark and Bryn Rankin, 2340 Four Leaf Circle. 350,000.
  • Susan and Richard Crews to Antelmo Celestino Feliciano and Marcela Correa Rivas, 402 Fourth St., Grottoes, $221,000.
  • Deborah Cole to Tucker and Lauren Stoneking, Lot 2 on a plat of Presgrave Subdivision, $208,000 in the Plains District.
  • Mendez Family LLC to Lori Ann Miller, Lot 4, Block D on a plat of Springfield Village, $265,000.
  • William and Nyok Ford to Audie Gaddis and Sarah Thomas, 2983
    Preston Lake Blvd., $495,000.
  • NVR Inc. to Jessica Vaughan and Madison Allen, Lot 1303, Phase
    1B/1C Section 9, Shady Creek, Grottoes, $234,970.
  • Glendale Road LLC to NVR Inc., County Parcel Lots 21 & 32, Section 2,
    The Crossings, $150,200.
  • NVR Inc. to Johnathan Haines III, Lot 16-6, Phase 1B/1C, Section 8,
    Shady Creek, $196,475.

July 21

  • Lauren Bartoldson to Ann and James Ridenour, 2466 Twin Gables Court, $230,000.
  • Layton & Jennifer Jerrells to Cynthia & Juliane Cline, 293 Rayann Lane, Broadway, $310,000.
  • Evelyn Van Der Eems to Benjamin and Kathleen Risser, 3400 Legion Way, Timberville, $270,000.
  • Karen Beals, trustee of the GHD Trust, to 210 Lee Avenue LLC, four tracts on the east side of Lee Avenue.

July 22

  • Hope Ling, trustee of the Lind Family Trust, to Myron and Joyce Lind, 2141 Lake Terrace Drive, $280,000.
  • Nathan Pannell to Aaron Meek, 500 18th St., Grottoes, $217,000.
  • Myron and Joyce Lind to Thomas Cunningham and Elizabeth Snyder, Lots No. 1 and 2 in Block “B” of the S. Clayton Shank and Mary Holsinger Shank Subdivision, $295,000.
  • Samantha Morris to Trenton and Tiffany Shifflett, 1.329 acres near Fox
    Mountain School south of Va. 607 in the Stonewall District, $253,600.
  • Triple Hill Farms Inc. to Michelle Swab, 3.937 acres west of Va. 722 in the Linville District, $250,000.
  • Trenton and Tiffany Shifflett to Samantha Morris, 16642 East Summit, Elkton, $243,750.
  • NVR Inc. to Wendell Waters, Lot 13-4, Phase 1B/1C, Section B, Grottoes, $242,175.
  • NVR Inc. to Bonnie Mahasmiti, Phase 1B/1C, Section 8, Grottoes, $249,465.
  • Karen Musselman, trustee of the Donald Lee Musselman and Karen L. Musselman Revocable Trust, to Manuel Valdes, 135 Monte Vista Drive,
  • Our 3 Investments LLC, to Nusratullah Khan, 2823 Belgian Drive, $305,000.
  • Deborah Keith and Judy Getz to Granville and Debra Bare, 30.178 acres in the Linville District, $365,000.

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