The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


Feb. 21

  • Farhad Namel and Sima Khosravi Namel to Rosalba Cruz-Avellaneda,
    1214 Goldfinch Dr., Lot 33, Reherd Acres, Unit 20B, $210,000.

Feb. 22

  • Hardi Anwar Hama Amin Kamali and Sazan Abdul Mohammad to
    Thedy Fernando Otzoy Morales, 2407 Mosby Ct., Unit 12, Millwood
    Condomidium, Phase 1, $173,000.
  • Tyler M. Shockey and Amber L. Shockey to Thedy Fernando Otzoy
    Morales, 2425 Millwood Loop, Unit 3, Millwood Condominium 2,
  • Brookland Properties LLC to Ham Holdings LLC, Lots 49, 50, 51, 52, Brookland Addition, 300 South Dogwood Dr., $575,000.

Feb. 24

  • Brown Investments, LLC to Sutt Properties, LLC, Unit 2 and 3 , Colonial
    Center, $250,000.

Feb. 28

  • Jill A. Hagmaier to Dudley B. Bonsal, Lots 9 and 10, Plat of the Conrad 2nd “Reherd” Addition, 413 Neyland Drive, $286,000.


Feb. 21

  • Wanda D. Dalton to Pamley D. Rhodes around Belmont Builders, Inc. to Muddy Creek Investments, LLC, around 3 acres, northwestern intersection of Mason Virginia B. McClure to Thomas L. Cline and Elaine K. Cline, around 40 acres, Long Meadow Mendenhall and Jean A. Mendenhall, Lot 84, final plat Millview Estates, Section 3, 123 Turbine Ln., Bridgewater, Ashby
    District, $650,000.

Feb. 22

  • Carlo Montalbano to Austin Scott Foltz and Trista Nicole Pence, Lot 9, Melrose Lane, 211 Fellowship Rd., $265,000.
  • NVR,, Inc. to Serhii Kutsyi and Anna Siminenko, Lot 116, Section 4, Cobbler’s Valley, $331,485.
  • Karen L. Musselman to David D. Perry and Heather S. Perry, 3075 Wellsleigh Place, Ashby District, Lot 44, The Springs at Osceola, Section 2, $899,000.

Feb. 23

  • Mark W. Jenison and Holly F. Jenison to Alka Manoharlal Chawla, Lot
    387, Unit 4, Massanutten Development Company, Stonewall District,
  • Marshall A. Harper and Jeffrey S. Harper to Juan Fernando Cardoso
    Escutia, Lot 5, Block J, Westover Hills Subdivision, Section 2, $290,000.
  • Larry T. Kincer, Jr. and Kizzie M. Kincer to EMCK Properties, LLC, eight parcels, Dave Berry Road, Stonewall District, $379,900.
  • NVR, Inc. to Anna Ruth Long, Lot 149, Section 1, Wingate Meadows, $319,000.
  • Gregory W. Randolph and Keith A. Kiser to Jesse Hunter Martin, around 1.7 acres, Linville District, $320,000.
  • Spring Mountain LLC to Zenda View Holdings LLC, around 123 acres, eastern side of U.S. 81, Linville District, $432,180.
  • Michele L. Hensley to Daniel L. Eppard and Christine Eppard, around 4 acres, near Dry Run, Stonewall District, $223,600.
  • Joyce L. Redger to Christopher Miller and Anna Clark, Lot 10B, Willow Oaks Subdivision, Elkton, Stonewall District, $285,000.

Feb. 24

  • Anthony Duane Garrison, Michelle Lynn Morris and Duane Charles Garrison to Gregory Shifflett and Octavia Angela Renee Shifflett, Stonewall District, Lot 15, Lam Subdivision, $299,900.
  • Margaret C. Paoppas and Monica A. Riley to David Jones and Sarah Stalcup-Jones, Lot 1, 4527 Shen Lake Dr., Central District, $388,000.
  • Malcolm F. McIntyre Jr. to Shannon L. Lokey and Dawn R. Lokey, around 2.5 acres, Stonewall District, Portion of 141-A-35J, $187,250.
  • NVR, Inc. to Saman Hassan, Lot 92, Section 3, Cobbler’s Valley, $332,485.
  • Sandra McCoy Levengood to Jamal Boubakri and Jennifer L. Bly, the Village of Massanutten, Stonewall District, Lot 254, Unit 3, $629,900.
  • Lynn E. Ennis to Kevin Lee Hartman, Plains District, 60 acres, $264,100.
  • Bill V. Neff, Sr. to B&A Group LLC, 7 acres, fronting U.S. 11, Linville District, Lot 1B, $590,000.

Feb. 27

  • Bonnie Joyce Pritchett and Donald Mark Macdanel to Cindy Jane Counts, Lots 5,6,7,8,34,36,37 and 38, Block 175, 1403 Gum Ave., Grottoes, Stonewall District, $360,000.
  • Greendale Road, LLC to NVR, Inc., Lots 9 and 16, Section Two, The Crossings, $150,000.
  • Andres J. Saint- Claire and Jazmine Saint- Claire to Nichalos Yeager and Catherine St. Ours, around 20,000 square feet, 3582 Taylor Spring Ln., Central District, Lot 232, Lakewood, Section 4, $508,800.
  • Greenport Group, LLC to Sandra M. Levengood, around 3,000 square
    feet, 2521 Greenport Dr., Central District, Lot 201, Greenport Subdivision,
    Phase 3C, $345,000.
  • Priscilla Properties Ortiz and Alondra Y. Ortiz, Lot 108, Section 5, Coyote Run, Mesa Court, Broadway, $325,000.

Feb. 28

  • Perry H. Suter and Kathy C. Suter to Andrew C. Preston and Lauren E. Preston, Lot 28, Belmont Estates, Section VII, 3905 Nutmeg Court, Central
    District, $398,050.
  • Tanja L. Hupp to Rebeen Omar Farag and Vian J. Jabar, around 2.5 acres, 688 N. Main Street, Mt. Crawford, Ashby District, $357,000.
  • Pulses Hill LC to MountainGateOrganics LLC, around 20.5 acres, Linville District, $900,000.
  • Rafael Sanson and Natasha Cruz to Matthew P. Gira and Heather L. Gira, around 18,000 square feet, 1931 Rhianon Ln., Central District, Lot 33, Hampshire Estates, Section Two, $485,000.
  • Emil Edward Fargo and Lori Dawn Fargo to Trystyn Logan Cousin and Abbey Weist Cousin, around 39 acres, Miracle Ridge Road, Stonewall
    District, $210,000.
  • Pennie Black Simmons, Donna Black Myers and William L. Black to Trenton E. Simmons and Alysa Danielle Marie Simmons, around 1 acre at 7586 Rushville Road, around 1.5 acres at 7670 Rushville Road, Ashby District, $355,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake, LLC to Paul A. Weaver and Julia Marie Adeline, Lot 13E, Section One, Preston Lake, 3318 Charleston Boulevard, $419,636.
  • Teresa Ann Martin to Barbara Ann Wyant, around 9,000 square feet, 2398 Meadow Ct., Lot 25B, Misty Meadows Subdivision, Section 2, $285,000.
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