The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


March 15

  • Hayley A. Ritchie to Isaac Galindez and Michelle Galindez, 63
    Stonewall Dr., Lot 133, Stonewall Heights, Section II, $214,000.

March 16

  • Shivakumar Beheraj and Anuradha Beheraj to Lalita Ghalley and Bikash Ghale, 361 Blue Stone Hills Dr., Lot 29, The Townes at Bluestone, Section One, $311, 000.

March 17

  • Harold Schwartz to Mark J. Tilburg, 398 Hickory Grove Circle, Lot 127, Meadow Pointe Subdivision, Section Three, The Village at Meadow Pointe, $288,000.
  • Lincoln G. Wood and Lorena M. Wood to Chancellor L. Morris and Emily Rhea Morris, 166 New York Avenue, Lot 7, Block 4, Emma R. Shreve Addition, $306,000.

March 20

  • Valeriy V. Sych and Tatyana V. Sych to Haynes W. Davis, III, Rebecca J. Davis and Haynes W. Davis, IV, 2378 Breckenridge Ct., Lot 27, Stonewall Heights Subdivision, Section 1, $255,000.

March 21

  • Duncan W. Rutherford to Merly J. Rodriguez Perez, 815 Meadowlark Dr., Lot 35, Block 5, Reherd Acres Subdivision, Unit 10, $201,000.


March 14

  • Amy K. Dickson to Brian C. Leventhal and Maria K. Leventhal, 341 Stoneleigh Dr., Lot 31, Block G, Park Lawn Subdivision, Section 4,
  • James A. Shifflett and Lorie A . Cayton t- Gentille Renee Shifflett,
    Stonewall District, 9.4 acres, one mile north of Lynwood on the south side of Road 659, $220,000.
  • Milstead Construction LLC to Ashland Forrest and Jarod Rambo,
    2212 West Dry River Rd., Ashby District, Division of Roland E. Kerns Land, $315,000.
  • Amy K. Dickson to Brian C. Leventhal and Maria K. Leventhal, 341 Stoneleigh Dr., Lot 31, Block G, Park Lawn Subdivision, Section 4,
  • S. Edward Fulk and Debra K. Fulk to Donald S. Zollner and Ruchel
    M. Zollner, 490 Coyote Run, Broadway, Lot 203, Section 3, Coyote Run,
  • March 15
  • Moccasin Investments to Thomas J. Scott, around 18,000 square
    feet, 4241 Palmer Road, Stonewall District, Lot 177, Greenview Hills,
  • Miriam H. Shoars to Martin L. Pence and Michelle M. Sauder, 15
    Village Square, Lot 1, Block A, Section 2, Village Square, $190,000.
  • March 16
  • Leon Franklin Bailey and Janet Ann Bailey to Rolando Mendez and Megan Mendez, Central District, Lot 13, Block 2, Belmont Estates, Section
    Two, $325,000.
  • Cynthia R. Wine to Anthony M. Zimmerman and Christina M. Zimmerman, about 18 acres, intersection of Nazarene Church Road and
    Windy Cove Road, Ashby District, $237,000.
  • Sidney R. Bland and Linda Heatwold Bland to Red Fox Exchange, LLC, 258, Red Fox Ct., Stonewall District, Lot 28, Unit 6, Massanutten Development Company, $465,000.

March 17

  • Janice Mary Goodrow-Humphries to Katherine Miller and Lee Miller, 3346 Teak Circle, Central District, Lot 172, Belmont Estates, Section XIV, $477,500.
  • Judith S. Green to C&S Farms, LLC, Indian Trail Road, Plains District, around 58 acres, $530,000.
  • Whitney W. Cofer to Trevor A. Cockburn and Rebecca A. Miller, 365 Ashby St., Dayton, Ashby District, Lot 4 and Lot 5, Plat of the Jessee R. Rhodes Subdivision, $292,000.

March 20

  • NVR, Inc. to Himdad Haji, Lot 112, Section Four, Cobbler’s Valley, $334,975.

March 21

  • Carr Masonry and Construction LLC to Kristina V. Shindyapin, Bridgewater, Ashby District, Lot 56, Final Plat Millview Estates, Section 5 $384,000.
  • Patricia Ann Hensley to Yaseen Khosnow and Imina H. Ibrahim.
  • Charlotte M. Cole to Pamela F. Cole, Central District. Lot 80, Belmont Estates Section XV-B, $335,500.
  • Terersa A. Carnes and Donna Resdendiz to Jamnice Goodrow-Humphries, 5 Joseph Court, Bridgewater, Ashby District, Lot 37, Ashby Villa, Section 1, $340,000.

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