The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


April 11

  • Crittenden Stephanie Leigh, Orebaugh Stephanie Leigh, Crittenden Jon L Jr To Detamore Bethany Paige, $265,000.
  • Sherwood Forest, Lot 11B, 7,280 Square Feet, 956 Sherwood Court. Meadows Bernard Wayne Tr, Meadows Donald Kevin Tr, Meadows Family Trust, Meadows Ruth V, Meadows Bernard Wayne Atty To Rodriguez Camacho Francisco Luis, Morales Pacheco Yasneris. 131 B3 (6) B 45 Lots 45-48. $230,000.
  • Minnick Allen Lee, Minnick Sheila Burner, Minnick Shelia Burner, Minnick Calvin Edward Sr To Mehegan David Owen Jr, Mehegan Lanae Anne. 79 (A) L96a1 Linville District, 2.495 Acres. $325,000.
  • Cobblers Valley Development Inc To Nvr Inc. Cobbler’s Valley, Section Four, Lots 39 &$141,050.
  • NVR Inc To Samuel John Malenga, Samuel Byangwa. Cobbler’s Valley, Section Four, Lot $339,985.
  • Fairfield Andrew R W Buckwalter, Fairfield Molly E Buckwalter To Stutzman Linford L, Stutzman Janet M. 107 D2 (A) L56, 12,123 Square
    Feet At 360 High Street. $290,000.
  • Bowman Marvin E To Hilliards Jonathan Michael, Hilliards Melody A. Timber Hills, Section Ii, Lot 21. $198,000.
  • Knicely Daniel W Exr, Knicely Mabel Jane Estate To Hartzler J Brent, Hartzler Charlotte A. 139 (A) L39a Ashby District, 1.2554 Acres At
    4208 Friedens Church Road. $380,000.
  • Yancey Thomas H, Yancey Mary Ann To Third Avenue Investments Llc. Harmony Heights, Section Two, Lot 71A; 7,213 Square Feet At
    1667 Buttonwood Court. $190,000.

April 12

  • Mongold William B, Mongold Michael A, Roadcap Bonnie M To Pmr Property Management. Llc 4.077 Acres At 17444 Andrick Mill Road.
  • NVR Inc To Thorson Eric. The Crossings, Section Two, Lot 40. $414,155.
  • The Ponds Of Island Ford Llc, Ponds Of Island Ford Llc The To Ecelbarger Gary, Ecelbarger Carolyn. The Ponds Subdivision, Phase 3, Lot14,025 Square Feet. $120,000.
  • NVR Inc To Wroblewski Damian Michael, Wroblewski Kara Lynn. The Crossings, Section Two, Lot 20. $448,350.
  • NVR Inc To Hameed Lazim. Cobbler’s Valley, Section Four, Lot 121. $336,500.
  • Withers Dean W, Withers Kim G To Clark Susan H. Heritage Estates, Section One, Lot 14, 10,751 Square Feet At 1685 Bald Eagle Circle. $599,000.
  • Dutt Charles E, Dutt Leslie, Nelsen Louis E Iii, Nelsen Elizabeth G To
    Kincer Larry T Jr, Kincer Kizzie. 152 (A) L71d Stonewall District, 2.191
    Acres. $140,000.

April 13

  • Laurion Jeffrey S, Laurion Marjorie To Gast David P, Gast Laurie K. Massanutten Development Company, Unit 4, Lot 435 At 2400 Hopkins
    Drive. $451,900.
  • Ebyland Inc To Blackwater Propertys Llc. Ebyland Subdivision, Lot 1; 7.724 Acres. $502,060.
  • Leisen Peter K, Leisen Melissa C To Severt Scott Grayson. Hensley Hollow Farm, Section 2, Lot 29. 5.52 Acres. $211,500.
  • Venezia Gary, Venezia Nancy To Tvr 2 Llc. Greenview Hills, Lot 39, 12,150 Square Feet At 4608 Palmer Road. $652,000.
  • Dutt Charles E, Dutt Leslie J, Nelsen Louis E Iii, Nelsen Elizabeth G To Kincer Larry T Jr, Kincer Kizzie. 152 (A) L71d Stonewall District, 2.191 Acres. $140,000.
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