The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


April 20

  • White City LLC To Crugars F Investments LLC, Crugars F Investments LLC, 19 E L52b City Of Harrisonburg, University Place, Phase IV, Unit 52-B, 52 South Avenue, Unit B. $100,000.00.
  • Holland Park LLC To Crugars F Investments LLC, Crugars F Investments, LLC, 19 E L52C City Of Harrisonburg, University Place, Phase Iv, Unit 52-C, 52 South Avenue Unit C, $100,000.00.
  • Holland Park LLC To Crugars F Investments LLC, 19 E L52E City Of Harrisonburg, University Place, Phase IV, Unit 52-E, 52 South Avenue Unit E, $120,000.
  • White City LLC To Crugars F Investments LLC, 19 E L52J City Of Harrisonburg, University Place, Phase IV, Unit 52-J, 52 South Avenue Unit J,$120,000.
  • Holland Park LLC To Crugars. F Investments LLC, 19 E L56D City Of Harrisonburg, University Place, Phase V, Unit 56-D, 56 South Avenue Unit D,$120,000.00.
  • Avalos Reyes Leonardo De Jesus, Avalos Kocka Anna Ruth, Gil Eduardo Santana, Rodriguez Martinez Jose Angel, 130 F (3) L65 Stonewall District, Quail Run Subdivision, Section Three, Lot 65, 12,407 Square Feet,
    100 Kittiwake Court. $280,000.00.
  • The Townes At Congers Creek LLC, Townes At Congers Creek LLC To Ritchie Hayley Alexis, 125 H (30) L106 Central District, Congers Creek Townhomes Phase 2, Section 2, Lot 106, 2,024 Square Feet, 1449 Palomino Trail. $337,870.00.
  • Shepard William A Jr., Shepard Kimberly M, To Armentrout Samuel Ray, 160 D2 (1) B 40 L32 Stonewall District, Jbm Townhouse Development, Lot 32, 3,600 Square Feet, 205 15th Street, $195,000.00.
  • NVR Inc To Necessary Emory Rogers III, 108 D (7) L30, Cobbler’s Valley,
    Section Four, Lot 30. $355,000.00.
  • Knicely Gerald W, Knicely Becky S To Hanifee Evan J, Hanifee Rebecca G,
    91 (A) L57 Central District, 10.108 Acres. $180,000.00. Hummel Ryan S,
    Hummel Alisha M To Torres Heriberto, Pina Indra, Torres Pina Cindy
    Enid, 82 (A) L79d Plains District, 3.643 Acres, 11926 Mountain Valley
    Road. $272,000.00.
  • Slaubaugh Terry G, Slaubaugh Victoria G To Reidenbach Dennis,
    122 A3 (19) L33 Ashby District, Holly Hill Subdivision, Section 1, Lot 33.
  • Makari Enterprises LLC To Combs Brothers Properties LLC, 77 K L12
    City Of Harrisonburg, Pro Pointe Business Complex, Condominium, Unit 4, 2054 Pro Pointe Lane. $270,000.00.
  • Branner Elizabeth C To Dronov Pavel, 79 (A) L141C Linville, District,
    4.834 Acres. $120,000.00.

April 21

  • Posada Investments Inc. To Diaz Padilla Olga L, 125 G (5) L61b Central District, Sherwood Forest, Lot 61B, $225,000,00.
  • Hill James H, Hill Miriam F, Orr Miriam Hill, Hill Ralph E To Skyfall Investments LLC, 66 A (A) L2 Plains District, 66 A (A) L1 Plains District,
    0.31 Acres, One Rood And Thirty Poles, 2,772 Square Feet, $207,100.00.
  • Perez Antonio Heredia To De La Cruz Claribel, 124 D (8) L350 Ashby District, Covenant Heights Subdivision, Phase Three, Lot 350, 10,692 Sq.Ft., 3318 Hebron Court, $252,000.00.
  • Vitrano Michael D, Vitrano Michelle P, To Jones Brandon F, Jones Bianca
    Miles, 128 C1 (2) L80 Stonewall District, Massanutten Unit Two, Lot 80, 13,817 Sq.Ft., 2672 Hawksbill Road, $475,000.00.
  • County Estates Mobile Home Park LLC To Burke Steven A, Burke Amanda E, 131 B1 (1) B 16 L1, 131 B1 (1) B 16 L2, 5,750 Sq.Ft., 634 Wirt Ave., $196,000.00.
  • Griffith Benjamin Ray, Griffith Audrey J, Griffith Benjamin Ray Atty To Lewis Kristin L, Golibart Martin J, 36 D L10 City Of Harrisonburg, Airhart
    Addition, Lot 10, Block 10, 470 Hartman Dr., $212,200
  • Hill James H, Hill Miriam F, Hill Ralph E To Stockwell Michael R, Stockwell Stephanie B, 81 (A) L128e Linville District, 1.097 Acres, $208,000.00.
  • Good Edwin L, Good Esther B, To Frederick Douglas J, Frederick Dawn A, 136 (A) L20g Ashby District, 1.552 Acres, $700,000.00.
  • Derrer Michael S Tr, Larry R Derrer Revocable Trust Dated February 18
    2016 To Mcpartland Pamela J, 126 H2 (13) L12 Central District, The Glen At Cross Keys, Lot 12, 7,237 Square Feet, 255 Callaway Circle, $424,000,00.
  • Ott Patrick L, Ott Patricia L To Rodeffer Priscilla Marie, Tusing Michael Keith, 40 A4 (3) L13 Plains District, The Lantz- Rinker Subdivision, Lot 13,
  • Johnson Angela Marie, Oliver Robert Philip To Quimby David T Jr, 128 C1 (1) L391 Stonewall District, Massanutten Development Company, Unit Four, Lot 391, 11,861 Sq.Ft., 193 Martin Lane, $500,000.00.
  • Bennett Michael R, Bennett Tara N, Richardson Boyd F To Ray Cameron, Ray Kristian, 103 (7) Lc Ashby District, 2.29 Acres, 8974 Briery Branch Road, $322,500.00.
  • Jackson Douglas N Tr, Jackson Family Trust U/A Dated June 4 2012, Jackson Robert Nickell Tr, Jackson Barbara Hoey Tr To LVG Investments LLC, 34 C L4, City Of Harrisonburg, 34 C L4A City Of Harrisonburg, $344,400.00.
  • NVR Inc To Elder Zachary, Delacruz Lauren, 124 A (1) L13, The Crossings,
    Section Two, Lot 13, $459,020.00.
  • Updyke James M, Updyke Grace T, To Updyke James M Tr, Updyke Grace
    T Tr, James M And Grace T Updyke Revocable Living Trust Under Agreement Dated October 14 1999, 151 (A) L24d1 Ashby District,
    151 (A) L24 Ashby District, 10.18 Acres; 1.557 Acres. Price Jeremy T, Price
    Amy J To East Side Farm LLC, 115 (A) L27 Portion- Stonewall District, 15.321 Acres, $160,870.50.
  • Schmidt Edward A, Branigan Jennifer J to Schmidt Edward A, Branigan
    Jennifer J, 125 A (3) L3F Central District, Preston Lake, Section 1, Lot 3F,
    0.0910 Acre, 3416 Charleston Blvd, No Amount.
  • Baker Stanley L To Sanchez Diogenes Alberto, Bandera Anyeli Suarez, 29
    F L3 City Of Harrisonburg, Spotswood Acres Subdivision, Section Six, Lot 3,$290,000.00.
  • Hummel Donna Jo Armentrout To Hummel Ryan S, Hummel Alisha M, 110 (A) L142 Central District, 2.805 Acres, $200,000.00.

April 24

  • Bare Granville E, Bare Debra J To Milton Ronald, Milton Eugenia. 36 (A) L130 Linville District: 20,000 Square Feet. $180,000.
  • James L Koogler LC To Semenov Diane S, Semenov Abigail M. 11,595 Square Feet At 100 7Th Street In Stonewall District Of Rockingham County. $750,000.
  • Farrell Linda M Tr, Jarrell Trust Agreement Dated March 27 2001 And Restated August 9 2015 To Clark Matthew B, Clark Erika T. Tax Map 99 (3) Lots 11D And 11J: 3.129 Acres And 4.928 Acres At 1258 Batman Road In Shenandoah. $830,340.
  • Mlk Preston Lake LLC To Uribe Daniel Oscar, Uribe Heidi Joanna. Preston Lake, Section One, Lot 19 At 3145 Vera Vista Path Near Harrisonburg.
  • Lantz Kristin N, Lantz Kristen N, Lantz Jason W To Dirks Drew Edward, Dirks Anna L. 1.999 Acres At 4727 Berrytown Road In Stonewall District Of Rockingham County. $264,000.
  • Jenkins Michael L To Stutzman Jared Eugene, Stutzman Rebekah Luree Rhodes. 1.246 Acres At 12290 Daphna Road In Broadway. $200,000.
  • Dogwood Avenue Carwash LLC To Bsjc LLC. 300 Dogwood Avenue Lots 31-34. $350,000.
  • Milstead David W, Milstead Judy B To Aziz Salar S, Aziz Dalia J. Milstead Property, Lots 11 And 12 At 106 Pleasant Hill Road, Harrisonburg. April 25 $376,000.
  • Carr Masonry And Construction LLC To Hoover Thomas W, Hoover Jane M. Millview Estates, Section 5, Lot 44: 7,975 Square Feet At 139 Millstone Street In Bridgewater. $526,000.
  • Hoover Thomas W, Hoover Jane M To Neville Ronald P Sr, Neville Patricia K. Hampshire Estates, Section One, Lot 14: 16,441 Square Feet At 111 Leonard Court Harrisonburg. $450,000.
  • Neer Lynn M, Neer Margaret I To Ephraim Ronis F, Ephraim Gloria H, Ephraim Andrew R H. The Crossings, Section One, Lots 20 & 21: 11,095
    Square Feet At 1235 Landon Drive And 13,281 Square Feet At 1243 Landon Drive In Harrisonburg. $309,000.
  • NVR Inc To Summerville Thomas M, Summerville Jacqueline E. Wingate Meadows, Section 1, Lot 148 In Rockingham County. $341,020.
  • The Townes At Congers Creek LLC, Townes At Congers Creek LLC The To Manzoor Azib. Congers Creek Townhomes Phase 2, Section 2, Lot 107:
    3,162 Square Feet At 1445 Palomino Trail. $400,000.
  • Gibson Michael Shane, Gibson Bonnie Kyger To Secrist Clinton J. Tax Map 152 (7) L1a Ashby District: 1.145 Acres, In Rockingham County. $250,250.
  • Campbell Mary Ann Exr, Campbell Timothy L Exr, Hollar Erma Jean Tate Estate,, 90 To Gorgij Parviz, Rakhshani Fereshteh. Cobbler’s Valley, Section 3, Lot 28. $325,000.
  • Clem Charlotte R To Resendiz-Torres Esteban, Resendiz Torres Esteban. 99 (A) L25 Stonewall District: 42.7940 Acres. $240,000.
  • Bradfield Chester L, Bradfield Nancy B To Dekle Jessica Lindsey, Mehling Michael Spencer. 107 D2 (A) Lots 115, 115A Ashby District. 8,300 Sq.Ft.,
    2,904 Sq.Ft $235,000.
  • Ellis Lynette R To Zacarias Pablo Wiliam D, Galdamez Rodriguez Aztrid S. Reherd Acres, Unit 25, Lot 2: 2,656 Square Feet At 1298 Goldfinch Drive,

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