The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


June 9

  • Timothy B. Adams and Kelly R.H. Adams to Jason L. Carickhoff and Jennifer M. Carickhoff, 123 G L38 City of Harrisonburg, 14,068 Square Feet, 1794 Park Lawn Drive. $400,000.
  • Erwin Construction Inc. to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Dominion Energy Virginia, Parcel 1A in both the City of Harrisonburg and Central District, Rockingham County containing 38.9634 Acres or 1,697,246 Sq.Ft. $2,500,000.
  • Rebecca V. Shindyapin to Allison M. Wilck, 81 C L18 City of Harrisonburg,
    2,240 Square Feet, 639 Stonewall Drive. $221,000.
  • Robert J. Lifka Jr. and Jacqueline A. Williams to Bonnie McBee Fisher,
    23 A L9 City of Harrisonburg, 23 A L10 City of Harrisonburg, 10,000
    Square Feet, 340 Sunrise Avenue. $244,500.
  • Thomas J. Anderson and Emily J. Anderson to S&R Exodus LLC, 53 N L2 City of Harrisonburg, 1202 Old Windmill Circle. $238,000.
  • Robbie Douglas Kline to Rosali Ayala Diaz and Ana Ayala, 124 A L3 City of Harrisonburg, 1740 West Market St. $262,000.

June 12

  • Ty L. Reed to S&R Exodus LLC, 31 P L8 City of Harrisonburg, 3,416 Square Feet, 1238 Settlers Lane. $254,000.
  • Garland L. Pitsenbarger to Bessy A. Garcia Lara and David Hector Salgado Guillen, 40 P L7 City of Harrisonburg, 40 P L8 City of Harrisonburg, 40 P L9 City of Harrisonburg, 40 P L10 City of Harrisonburg, 745 Madison Street. $250,000.
  • Lisa Violett to Michele Andreson Tr, Violett Land Trust UA dated April 25,
    2023, 31 B L1229 City of Harrisonburg, 1229 Old Furnace Road. $179,644.
  • Gerald L. Kauffman and Joan L. Kauffman to Edward Schmidt Tr, Jennifer Branigan Tr, Branigan Schmidt Living Trust dated April 20, 2023, 42 P L13D City of Harrisonburg, 2,259 Square Feet, Beacon Hill Subdivision, Section Five. $230,000.
  • Amber D. Michael Exr, Jennifer L. Martin Exr, Carl Clifford Keene Estate to Brian Taylor Fletcher and Rachel Salafi a Fletcher, 70 B L5 City of Harrisonburg, 825 Sandtrap Lane. $625,000.
  • David A. Reser Tr, Janet E. Reser Tr, Reser Family Trust of September 18, 2000 to Joyce M. Gray , 77 J L16 City of Harrisonburg, 138 Emerald Drive. $295,500.

June 15

  • James C. Raisch & Cathryn S. Molloy to Christopher R. Brown and Ilana S. Kurtzig, 36 L L1 City of Harrisonburg, 7,483 Sq.Ft., 105 North Willow Street. $338,300.


June 9

  • Roger L. Bible and Sonja A. Bible to Kevin James Soviak and Lisa Marie Soviak, 122 A3 (20) L5 Ashby District, 16,800 Square Feet, 100 Hillview
    Street, Bridgewater. $497,000.
  • Kevin J. Soviak, Lisa Marie Soviak and Lisa M. Baker to William Blakely
    Benn and Ashley L. Benn, 122 A4 (A) L47 Ashby District, 0.25 of an Acre,
    206 East College Street, Bridgewater. $362,500.
  • Scott J. Funkhouser to Alyshea Marie Good and Alan Travis Hottinger, 53
    (A) L62D Plains District, 1.35 Acres, Timberville. $150,000.
  • Kenton W. Pettit and Linda M. Pettit to Andrew J. Miller and Elizabeth A.
    Miller, 141 (A) L49 Stonewall District, 2.636 Acres, 9191 Valley View Road.
  • Joann H. Moore and Edward R. Miller to Ryan E. Miller and Elizabeth Miller, 124 C (A) L3 Ashby District, 124 C (A) L7 Ashby District, 1.023 Acres, 1216 Old Depot Lane, 0.500 Acres. $220,000.

June 12

  • Margaret F. Miller to David S. Gish and Rebecca S. Gish, 79 (A) L4 Portion-Linville District, 14.988 Acres. $250,000.
  • Seth Normington and Gemma Amendola to Mark H. Pinnow, 126 E (2) L70 Central District, 16,384 Square Feet, 3996 Dixie Ridge Run Road, Battlefield Estates, Section Two. $510,000.
  • Justin D. Roberts and Angela M. Roberts to Clifford M. McDerment and Sara Brooke McDerment, 125 H (6) L33 Central District, 18,633 Square Feet, 3048 Brookstone Drive. $725,000.

June 13

  • Betty H. Lambert Tr, Charles D. Lambert Tr, Betty H. Lambert Trust Agreement dated April 6, 2007 to Robert David Curfman Tr, Lori Marie
    Curfman Tr., Robert and Lori Curfman Revocable Trust dated June 27, 2018, 125 J (2) L29 Ashby District, 0.703 of an Acre, 3350 Argyle Court. $785,000.
  • Phyllis Ayres to Dennis Husidic, 122 A1 (8) L2, northwestern side of North May Court, Ashby District, Bridgewater. $298,000.
  • John H. Meck Jr. and Catherine A. Meck to Bart A. Perkowski, 125 D (1) L9
    Ashby District, 0.754 of an Acre, 2014 Autumn Lane, southern side of State Route No. 710, near Peach Grove. $365,000.
  • Sheila A. Shields to Warren Cole Stiteler and Kathryn Cheeks, 135 A (1)
    L9 Ashby District, 20,004 Square Feet, 5681 Glade View Drive. $375,000.
  • Linda Cash Didawick Tr, Linda M. Cash Tr, Linda M. Cash Trust dated January 26, 1999 to Michael O. Meredith and Rebecca S. Meredith, 39
    (A) L122B Plains District, 11.931 Acres, 17486 Andrick Mill Road, west
    of Timberville. $560,000.
  • NVR Inc. to Aimee Stright, 124 (7) L6, Section One, Wingate Meadows. $338,985.
  • Donna Kay Mummau Rozar Tr, Donna Kay Mummau Rozar Revocable Trust to Turner Diesel Service LLC, 51 A3 (2) Lb1 Plains District, 1.3200 Acres, 170 Fifth Street, Broadway. $330,000.

June 14

  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Charles Douglas Lambert and Betty Herron Lambert, 125 A (12) L210, Section 10, Preston Lake, 2977 Rutlege Road. $468,055.
  • NVR Inc. to Kelly Rosalyn Holbrook Adams and Timothy Brian Adams, 124 (7) L198, Section One, Wingate Meadows. $432,120.
  • Kyle Knupp and Cassandra Lee Knupp to Corey Shifflett and Christina Shifflett , 51 A1 (32) L23 Plains District, 10,404 Square Feet, 134 Linville Avenue, Broadway. $304,900.

June 15

  • Joseph L. Shank and Ruth L. Shank to Raymond R. Rhodes and Donna K. Rhodes, 106 (A) L149 Ashby District, 10.495 Acres, 106 (A) L150A Ashby District, 0.614 Acres. $475,000.
  • Gloria G. Rissler to Breckenridge Capital LLC, 107 (A) L218, 27,259
    Square Feet on the southeast side of John Wayland Highway, Dayton.
  • Christopher Russell Jones and Veronica Whalen Jones to Jordan Lee McCann and Matthew Edward Glover, 125 G (4) L19A Central District,
    6,223 Square Feet, 1024 Rosedale Drive. $260,000.
  • Anne E. Breneman to Melody J. Rose, 51 A1 (32) L11 Plains District, 1,985 Square Feet, 185 Edom Lane, Broadway. $219,000.
  • Timothy S. Wolfe and Kathleen A. Wolfe to Logan Scott Wolfe and Hannah E. Wolfe, 82 (A) L80E Portion-Plains District, 1.382 Acres, 2920 Mauzy Athlone Road. $210,000.
  • Robin Brooks and Robin J. Long to Orlane M. Houzet and Stefano Colafranceschi, 107 D2 (A) L66 Ashby District, 0.210 Acres, Dayton.
  • Luella G. See, Louella C. See and Deborah F. Driver, Atty to Zachary
    Scott Lokey, 80 (A) L64 Linville District, 30,239.90 Square Feet. $298,500.
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