The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


Sept. 11

  • Richard E. Gaughran and Lucy Bednar to William A. Raines and Rachael F. Raines, 96 D L56 City of Harrisonburg, 11,505 Square Feet, 1035 Carriage Drive. $340,000.

Sept. 12

  • Richard M. Stratton Jr. to Rocktown Sunsets LLC, 29 P L14 City of Harrisonburg, Reherd Acres Subdivision, Unit II, Lot 14 in Block 1, $255,000.

Sept. 13

  • IRES VA LLC to Arsalan Awan, 12 M L1340D City of Harrisonburg, Hunters Ridge Condominiums, Unit 1340-D, $155,000.

Sept. 14

  • Debra M. Daily Exr, Mary Lou K. Bryan Estate, aka Mary Lou Bryan to Mellser R. Aguilar Lopez, 20 F L14 City of Harrisonburg, Hillandale Subdivision, Section 1, Lot 14 in Block A, 17,811 SF. $275,000

Sept. 15

  • Central Valley Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Fishale Araya Gebreyohans and Zayd Gebreyesus Kassa, 39 Z L14B, eastern side of Virginia Avenue, Harrisonburg, 3,125 SF. $224,900.
  • Central Valley Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Arielle Storm Beasley, 39 Z L14A, eastern side of Virginia Avenue, Harrisonburg, Land and Improvement Company, Lot 14A, 3,125 Square Feet. $224,900.
  • Stephen K. Lucas and Abigail J. Schweber to Chad Harrington and Beth Anne Harrington, 26 P L28 City of Harrisonburg, Smythe and Yates Addition, Lot 3, 8,297 Square Feet, 492 South Mason Street. $425,000.


Sept. 8

  • Wingate LLC to NVR Inc., 124 (7) L132 , 124 (7) L133, 124 (7) , 124 (7) L135, 124 (7) L140, Section 1, Wingate Meadows. $401,250.
  • Robert J. Strickler & Joanna Grimm Atty to Wilfong Construction, 122 A1 (10) L22 Ashby District, Morris Addition, Lot 22, 413 West Bruce Street, northwestern section of Bridgewater. $160,000.
  • Aimee Rose Maggio Exr, Gina Catherine Maggio Estate, fka Gina Catherine Holloway Estate to Richard Narcisco Castillo Mendoza Sr. and Santos Narcisco Castillo Elizadle and Irene Consuelo Mendoza Freire, 125 C (24) L2 Ashby District, approximately a mile from Massanetta Springs. $329,900.
  • Taylor L. Howell to HDP Group LLC, 125 H (3) L25 Central District, Taylor Spring, Phase One, Lot 25, 4,163 Square Feet, 1469 Miller Spring Court. $280,000.
  • Imad Awni Hannoun Tr, Betty Jane Hannoun Tr, Imad Awni Hannoun Trust Agreement dated January 23, 2020 to Reed S. Nibley Jr. and Katherine P. Nibley, 152 (A) L72A Stonewall District, 25.877 Acres located on the northeast side of Doe Hill Road (State Route 671). $370,000.
  • Christopher A. Jones and Amy B. Jones to Terence McCormick and Lisa McCormick, 107 D1 (12) L65 Ashby District, Willow West Subdivision, Section Three, Phase Three, Lot 65, 2.272 Acres, 236 North View Drive, Dayton. $885,000.
  • Terence P. McCormick and Lisa F. McCormick to John F. Long Jr., 125 C (19) L13A Ashby District, Lake Pointe Village, Section Two, Lot 13A, 9,187 Square Feet, 3349 Mesinetto Creek Drive, Ashby District. $610,000.
  • Stanley W. Clutteur Exr, Margaret L. Secrist Estate to Aaron T. Ludholtz and Lucy R. Ludholtz, 125 G (15) L2 Central District, 16,318 Square Feet, 2197 & 2199 Fieldale Place. $365,000.
  • Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Sheena D. Dawson and Joyce M. Caldwell, 40 A3 (6) L5 Plains District, 245 South Main Street, Timberville. $243,000.
  • Hope Community Builders to Adam I. Adam, 124 D (9) L319 Ashby District, Covenant Heights Subdivision, Phase 4, Lot 319, 4,065 Square Feet. $255,000.

Sept. 11

  • Angela R. Thacker Tr, Lynn E. Thacker Tr, Angela R. Thacker Trust Agreement dated March 24, 2022, Amanda B. Rhodes and Emmer Frederick Rhodes III Atty to Brian Ross Landes and Lisa Renee Landes, 77 (A) L16 Central District, 1.995 Acres, 77 (A) L21B Central District, 3694 Clayborn Road. $370,000.
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